Industrial Robotics Project

Industrial Robotics Project presents an brief idea about the applications of robots in industries, the term robotics is defined as the science and technology which deals with design, construction, operation, and implementation of the robots, and the industrial robots are nothing but the robots which are used for industrial applications, these are the electro mechanical programmable machines that can do works in preventing hazardous conditions.

Industrial Robotics Project

These are highly accurate and consistent, multi functional machines; these devices are interfaced with the computers for monitoring.

Industrial Robotics Abstract:

The main objective of this paper is to place an automated industrial robot in the place of humans in hazardous conditions where man cannot able work. The successful operation of the robots is totally dependent on the programming and the technology used in this programming, so functional programming is an interior function for every robot, recent days robots are controlled by micro computers are highly automated mechanical manipulators.

In industrial automation we control the mechanism of the equipment through a computer based electronic network, but here the robotics involved in programmable automation strategies which had abilities like humans and often termed as anthropomorphic, these robots are programmed to move and performing operations like picking tools and placing them in right position, and doing manual operations so this conditional program is sequentially implemented by the control system within the robot.

List of Content in Project Report:

In this paper we had presented information regarding selection of a robot, elements of robots and their classification, physical configurations, robotic movements, sensors, robotic grippers. A testimonial is presented in this paper and desired controlling parameters were obtained.

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