B.Tech & Diploma EEE Projects List

B.Tech/ Diploma  EEE Mini & Major Projects List

1. Electrical Equipments Controlling Using PC

2. Power Monitoring System (Voltage, Current, Pf, Active & Reaction)

3. Chopper Based DC Motor Speed Control

4. Wireless Energy Meter using RF Communication

5. Circuit Breaker (Single Phase)

6. Transformer over Load Alert through Voice Announcement

7. Bi- Directional Dc Motor Speed Control System

8. Energy Management with RF

9. Speed Control of Exhaust Fan Using RF Remote

10. Power Grid Control through Pc

11. Three Phase Load Safety Implementation with Phase Fault Detection

12. Pc Based Transformer Monitoring & Protection

13. Digital Frequency Meter

15. Automatic Load Sharing Of Transformers

16. Temperature Dependent Dc Fan Speed Control Using Thermistor

18. Protection of Appliances From Over Voltage

19. Automatic Changeover Switch for Uninterrupted Power Supply

20. Automatic Power Meter Reading Using GSM Network

20. Feeder Protection From Over Load

21. Closed Loop Speed Measurement of Dc Motor

22. Design of Digital Energy Meter

23. Temperature Adjustable Heating System Using Power Electronic

24. Four Channel Fault Annunociation for Industries

25. Wireless Based Electrical Device Control

26. Electrical Apparatus Control System in A Plant Using RF Wire

27. Single Phase Half Wave Controlled Rectifier Using SCR

28. Single Phase Full Wave Controlled Rectifier Using SCR

29. PC Based Dc Motor Speed Control Using PWM

30. Thermal Plant Boiler Temperature and Water Level Monitoring

31. Digital Speedometer

32. Controlling Of Incandescent Bulbs Intensity by Using Microcontroller

33. Speed Control of Universal Motor by Using SCR

35. Microcontroller Based Advanced Automatic City Street Light Co

35. Power Saving Iron Box

37. Lead Acid Battery Charger With Over Voltage Protection

38. Variable Frequency Cyclo Converter

39. Temp Based Speed Control of Exhaust Fan Using Triac

40. Microcontroller Based Home Security System

42. Voltage Level Based Appliances

43. Back to Back SCR’S To Control Speed of Universal Motor by RF

44. Wireless Speed Control of DC Motor Using RFID Communication

45. Booster Converter

46. Pc Based Substation Monitoring and Controlling Using RF

47. Speed Control Of Universal Motor By Using IGBT

50. Smart Card Based Electrical Equipments Access Control System

52. Multi Zone Temperature Monitoring With Voice Announcement System

53. Fire Monitor System Using Microcontroller

54. Programmable Static Relay Using Triac

55. Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter

56. Monitoring & Automation of Agricultural Field Environment (Te

57. Multi Channel Voltage Scanner

58. Pc Based Different Industrial Parameter Measure Using ADC

59. GSM Based Dc Motor Speed Control

60. Servo Motor Control Using IR RF

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  1. Sir, what would be the cost for the project title “Transformer overload through voice announcement”

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