Zigbee Based College Bus Data Monitoring System

The college-bus database monitoring and controlling system in the college need to be continuously monitored by the computer. These monitoring system include bus transition monitoring system, where continuous monitoring and parameter checking required.

Most of the current monitoring and controlling system having human interfaces and some difficult task like maintaining such data with accuracy. It is impossible for the college bus-worker and management staff to continuously work only for such task. So to solve this problem, we can provide wireless network link like ZigBee.

The characteristics of ZigBee like low power, low cost, range up to 100 meter and network forming ability make ZigBee technology an ideal choice for wireless monitoring and controlling network in this system.

In our proposed College-Bus Data Monitoring system we are using ZigBee module, p89c51rd2 microcontroller system and one pc interfaced with it, who monitor continuously. This module  send the unique code for each bus at the time of entering or exiting college campus to the ZigBee enabled p89c51rd2 microcontroller system interfaced with computer.

In computer by using data logger software we are storing that updated data in database with time & date. so like this we will have all bus transition data automatically with accuracy without maintaining any hand written database.

Power Fault Detector with Theft Intimation Project


This Power fault detector with theft intimation project is used to find out the fault in the power lines and to security from the tampering the device from the place and gives us indication.


The main aim of this power fault detector project is to secure the power from someone who try’s to theft it. In this academic project we are using the Opto coupler to isolate from the high voltage to 5V output given to the micro controller .this microcontroller (AT89S52) is used to identify the fault in the supply and gives us alarm display will be shown on LCD.

If someone try’s to tamper the device this will be detected by the sensor (vibration sensor) and given to the microcontroller and alarm will be on.


  • Opto Copler
  • Micro Controller
  • LCD Display
  • Relay Driver
  • Relay
  • Vibration Sensor

Block Diagram:

Wireless Controlled Digital Score Board Project


Implementation of a digital score board with wireless control is the aim of the project. A digital score board can be used for football, basket ball and volley ball courts.

It consists of Five various display’s. First one for the countdown timer which can be set according to the requirement with a pause and start function. Second and third for the display name of the Team A and Team B, Each display comprises of four alphabet display capability with letter varying from A-Z and 1-9.The fourth and Fifth display are for the respective 2 digit scores of Team A and Team B .

The whole functioning of the digital score board can be controlled with a wireless remote handed over to the referee; The time can be preset in 4 digit timer i.e. with two display’s for minutes and two display’s for seconds, the timer can be paused and started any moment using the remote. The score can be updated by the referee. Score display can be incremented and decremented as per requirements.

The Digital Score board will be powered with AC power supply. It can also be added with a battery backup depending on the requirement.

Model of digital Score Board

Bus Tracking System using GSM Module Project

Bus Tracking System:

Using  GSM Module and Microcontroller we are designing and implementing a time saving system for daily BUS commuters, which will give the information about the present position of BUS whenever subscribed by the subscriber for a particular BUS, which will have its unique code.

Scope of the Project:

  • Bus Tracking System can be implemented in government, company, college & private buses.
  • Can also be implemented using GPS system.
  • Ring can be developed for blind people to get the status of bus.

Brief Description:

In the Bus Tracking System project, an IR transmitter is placed in bus & IR RECEIVER unit is placed at bus stop. Whenever bus reaches bus stop our unit comes to know which bus has been arrived. The transmitter present in the bus transmits a certain code using RC5 protocol. Carrier frequency for RC5 protocol is 36 kHz.

IR receiver which is present on bus-stop detects the IR signals and gives the coded data to the microcontroller for decoding purpose.  Microcontroller is controlling block of the system. After decoding this code, which bus has arrived is decided.   The acknowledgement is given to the system user through SMS. This SMS is send whenever bus is arrived.  The subscriber numbers to whom the message has to be send is stored in the EEPROM, which is the memory element used over here.

The 89s52 microcontroller communicates with EEPROM using I2C protocol. Whenever a message is to send to the subscriber for the subscribed bus controller  fetches those subscribed numbers & then send the message through GSM module. Microcontroller and GSM module are interfaced through MAX 232. . MAX232 is a device which converts TTL voltage logic levels to RS232 & vice versa.

The GSM module sends SMS to the subscriber which is mentioned in EEPROM through AT commands.  AT commands are used to send SMS from GSM module. LCD is used to display which bus has arrived.

The block diagram:


Sr. No. Components Specifications Quantity
1 Microcontroller 89s52 1
2 MAX 232 IC DIP 16 PIN 1
3 GSM Module SIM 300 1
4 EEPROM CAT 24WC 08 8KKBit Serial CMOS 1
5 IR Transmitter Phillips RC-5 (Carrier Freq 36 KHz) 1
6 IR Receiver TSOP 1840(fo-40khz) 1

Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network Project


The Zigbee based Wireless Sensor Network system is developed to gather atmospheric data in hazardous/remote areas. This embedded system project is designed using embedded technology. This project is designed with Atmega 8515 micro-controller , LCD, ADC, Zigbee, temperature and humidity sensors. The Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network project involves designing and developing a transmitter and receiver section that can be used for data acquisition with the help of Zigbee modules.

The receiver and transmitter are equipped with the micro-controller. At transmitter side, there are sensors to sense atmospheric physical parameters like temperature, humidity etc. We can use multiple such nodes with many sensors but for demonstration purpose only two sensors are used in this project.

The data is then sent through zigbee module to transmit the signals. The receiver receives the signals and micro-controller decodes and analyzes it. The information is displayed with the help of a LCD.

Zigbee is a wireless network used for home, building and industrial control. It has IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard for low data rate network. With a maximum speed of 250Kbps at 2.4GHz, zigbee is designed for low power consumption.

Hardware used to develop this Project:


• Can be used in hazardous/remote areas.
• Independent of line-of-sight communication.
• Support for multiple network topologies.
• High data reliability.
• Transmission range available up to 1.6 Km
• Low power consumption.
• Highly reliable, cost effective and compact in size.