Microcontroller based Smart Parking Control System

This Smart Parking Control System project Designed With Microcontroller attempts to cut the time to park the vehicles in the lot and help the motorists to recall the exact parked space. Motorists often spend a significant amount of time to park their vehicles in the parking lots during peak hours. They also may not remember the parked space of their vehicle precisely, while picking up the vehicle.

To solve this problem, an automated vehicle parking system is designed which serves the motorist to find a space for his vehicle within less time. The system displays about the details of freed-up parking spaces. The waiting time to park the vehicle can be reduced by providing this vacant space information to the motorists before he/she enters the system.

The system recognizes the vacant space and displays automatically, this display system can be provided at the entrance of the main gate, so that while entering in to the parking space, the motorist can find his parking place without anybody’s direction.

To sense the vehicle at parking place, infrared sensors are used; the output of the sensors is fed to micro-controller and according to the received information from the sensors, the controller displays, that the particular parking place is vacant or full. For the demonstration purpose three sets of sensors are used to simulate three parking sites.

The system is designed such that, when all parking sites are filled and there is no space for another vehicle, automatically the gate will be closed. To simulate this, stepper motor is used and the controller drives the motor, a small arm of 10″ is coupled to the motor shaft, which simulates either the gate is opened or closed. For displaying the information LCD panel is connected at the output of micro -controller.

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