Power Fault Detector with Theft Intimation Project


This Power fault detector with theft intimation project is used to find out the fault in the power lines and to security from the tampering the device from the place and gives us indication.


The main aim of this power fault detector project is to secure the power from someone who try’s to theft it. In this academic project we are using the Opto coupler to isolate from the high voltage to 5V output given to the micro controller .this microcontroller (AT89S52) is used to identify the fault in the supply and gives us alarm display will be shown on LCD.

If someone try’s to tamper the device this will be detected by the sensor (vibration sensor) and given to the microcontroller and alarm will be on.


  • Opto Copler
  • Micro Controller
  • LCD Display
  • Relay Driver
  • Relay
  • Vibration Sensor

Block Diagram:

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Power Fault Detector with Theft Intimation Project - Download Free project Source code, Project Report Documentation, PPT and Guidance