Online CD Store Project Synopsis


This application will be a web UI allowing customers to buy or rent CD’s that are available online. This application will have CD’s for sale and also for rent. Customers will register and buy CD by adding them to the kart. They can rent CD’s by requesting for the same and can use membership plans related to rent offers. We will provide a logical search engine which will show related CD’s as per interests and usually rented or ordered CD’s.

This application will have different vendors too who can add their CD or DVD or any related products. They can sell it via our application.  Registered vendors can add products and sell them online.

User Types: Admin, Employee , Customer and Vendor


1. Admin Module
2. Kart Module
3. User Module
4. Vendor module
5. Order management
6. The about us and Contact us pages
7. Products module

Admin: Will be able to add all base information, create CD category types. Will then add subcategory types to it. Admin will approve vendors who will send a request to register and then they can add their products. Vendors can sell products that are allowed by admin (as per categories added by admin).  Admin can view all orders in a day, deliveries in a day and update delivery status for any order. Admin can deactivate any vendor login in case of issues. Admin will also be able to add products which will be sold online in kart.  Registered employees login are also managed by admin, he can deactivate any employee logins. Admin will basically manage the admin panel which will allow saving all data related to products that are for sale online in the application.  He can view and manage all registered vendors and users. He can view and manage all products are being sold and also manage the stock of products. For products related to vendors, stock info will be updated by vendors itself.

Kart: This module will allow registered customers to add products to kart and then order them. It will basically be used to handle all products that are to be handled initially and also apply coupons or discounts if any.

User module: It will allow customers to register and login to the application. They will be allowed to search or browse through various products. Select products and add them to kart before confirming the order. They will have My orders option which will show the history of orders for a logged in customer (taken care in order management module for customers).

Vendor module: It will allow vendors to register and add their products that will be sold online in the web application Online CD store. The registration will be first approved by admin and then products can be uploaded with all info. They will upload Product name, images relevant, pricing, stock or quantity to be sold, delivery timeframe, contact number, email id, office address, warehouse address etc.

Order management: This module will handle all orders for all customers if viewed from admin side. It will show orders specifically for a customer if he or she is logged in. It will be linked to admin panel backend and provides a secured management of orders placed by customers. It will allow admin to update delivery status once all products related to a order is delivered. In case of logged in customers, it will show the history of orders and status of delivery in the same grid.

Products module: This basically is the admin panel backend which stores all related data for a product that has to be sold via this application. It will save each and every information related to a product. Category type, subcategory type, product name, product type, quantity, images, cost, color, description, features etc. It is accessible only to admin/employees or vendors.

Future Enhancements:

We can introduce wallet system to handle points as per orders and then provide discounts.
We can plan payment gateway integration.
We can introduce feature of holding a product in cart for n number of days and then dissolve it.
Provide feature where sms alerts are sent for confirmation of order, delivery confirmation etc along with email notifications.
Price comparison features for a product with other similar web sites providing same products.

System Requirement Specification: 

Hardware Requirements:
Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

Software Requirements:

Technology: HTML,CSS, Jquery, PHP

Back End: SQLServer or Mysql

Operating System: Windows7 and more

Frame Work: Larvel or Phalcon

Or it can also be done in .Net

OPERATING PLATFORM:           WINDOWS 7 or later
Database:           SQLSERVER 2008 or  more
IDE & Tools:           VStudio.Net 2010 or more
Web Server:           IIS 6.0
Web Technologies:           Asp. Net, C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Online Bus Ticket Booking Project Synopsis


This Online Bus Ticket Booking project will provide an Online bus ticket booking platform and thereby leverage the tedious manual ticket booking activity for a customer. We can come up with features like saving favorite routes and providing discounts for the same. We can provide a feature that will allow the customer to get a ticket booked without much hassle.

Existing System:

Initially, customers used to book tickets manually by queuing in lines at bus stations or go to travel agents who in turn used to book tickets for them. This was actually a tedious process and was leading to wastage of time.  It also had issues like having incorrect names or other information used to book tickets.

Proposed System:

We can eliminate the drawbacks by developing an application which will allow customers to register themselves and book tickets, cancel tickets or postpone or prepone travel dates with feasibility. This actually is a welcome step for customers as they can access the application from anywhere and will also avoid wastage of time that was caused due to the drawbacks in the previous way of booking tickets manually.

User Types: Admin, Customer, Employee


Route management
Bus management
Bus Staff Management
Manage bookings
View bookings


It will be used by admin to create or manage Bus information and create bus staff information. Link the bus staff to different buses that are managed.

It will also have the option to view all bookings that were done for all buses on a day or month or quarterly basis. View all cancellations and rescheduled bookings. Will be able to confirm reschedule bookings. Will be able to handle transactions related to cancellations.

It will have the option to confirm rescheduled bookings and confirm the same to the customer.

The dashboard of admin will basically have a view which will show no of buses running, no of bookings on a specific day, no of cancellations on a day, no of hits to the site.

It will have the option to review and approve employee logins.

It will have the option to add routes for which buses will be linked.


The staff of website can register themselves and send an approval request to admin. Admin will assign a role and approve the login. Once logged in they can view the no of bookings on a specific day, no of cancellations on a day and rescheduled booking requests. They will be able to update and confirm rescheduled bookings, also take care of canceled bookings and its transactions.

Route management:

This module will be accessible to admin and employee both. Information related to all roots will be added in this module. Information like From Where to Where, the distance between two locations, stoppages in a route etc. Depending Upon the distance saved bus travel time will be calculated.

Bus management:

Will have options to add all information related to buses that are plying and then link it to different routes. Bus features like AC/ Non A/c, Two by Two or Sleeper or Pushback etc will all be added in this module.

Bus Staff management:

It will be accessible to employees and admin both. It will allow saving info related to a bus like a bus driver, cleaner, and attendant. Details, like name, phone no, email id, home address, alternate address, an alternate contact number will all be saved for each and every staff.

Customer: This will allow a customer to search for buses on any route with date search criteria. Bus listings will be shown as per search criteria and will also show information related to features of the bus that are playing the specified route. Book option will be provided to confirm booking. No of passengers has to be provided and then booking can be confirmed.  A customer will also have Manage bookings module which will show the history of all bookings that were done till date. The customer can reschedule a booking or cancel a booking from Manage bookings module as two options will be provided for the same.  Dashboard for a customer will show most recent bookings and depart time and date initially in a grid format.

Future Enhancements:

We can provide SMS based alerts and email notifications for bookings.

WThe wallet can be developed to handle discounts on the points basis. It can also be used to provide referral code concept for referring friends.

Chat feature can be included in the application to chat with customer care.

We can come with a feature that will allow the customer to save favourite routes and provide discounts for same.

Introduce coupon management for providing coupons which customers can use to avail discounts.

System Requirement Specification: 

Hardware Requirements:
Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

Software Requirements:

Technology: HTML,CSS, Jquery, PHP

Back End: SQLServer or Mysql

Operating System: Windows7 and more

Frame Work: Larvel or Phalcon 

Or it can also be done in .Net


Database:           SQLSERVER 2008 or  more

IDE & Tools:           VStudio.Net 2010 or more

Web Server:           IIS 6.0

Web Technologies:           Asp. Net, C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Online Crime Management and Public Services .Net Project



Category: Web Application

Objective: This application will actually automate the manual work done at police stations formatting the information related to crimes that are reported on a daily basis. It will improve efficiency and also avoid delays in the processing of a crime investigation. Anyone dealing with a case can access the information at fingertips in the easiest way.

The application will have an Inbuilt UI to save all details related to a crime registration, the team has to initially collect all information related to various forms that are available to register and process the cases that are registered in police stations. Depending on the type of crime a different UI can be designed for various crimes that are being registered.

The application will also maintain data related to all police officers that are working in different shifts 24*7 on any given day. We can also provide a feature to register their attendance by providing an interface which will allow saving attendance by a logged in personnel. In future, we can also implement biometric Ui scanning interface to save attendance.


Admin: This module is provided to add employees of all levels. It will create all base categories that are needed. It will create roles, create user types, create users i.e. employees. It will also be used to create record types, i.e. FIR(First Information Report), CD(Case diary), CCD(Court Case Diary), CS (Charge Sheet), RCD (Remand Case Diary) etc. It will allow the user to create different forms for different record types. Admin can also view complaints that are logged in by the public as registered users and assign it to an employee in the sense officials.

Criminal-Info Module: This module will provide an option to create a profile of criminal and enter all data related to him or her. The option will be provided to scan any documents of the criminal.

Diary Module: This module will have options to view and save data for different record types for different criminals for whom cases are registered. It will be accessible to certain roles only. This module will be used to save data in the different type of records and assign criminals to it while creating a case. Hence a case is created in this module and a criminal is attached to it on submission of the record type.

Employees Module: This will be accessible by employees and they can log in and update their profile info. View their info. Depending upon the role they will have access to different record types like Senior inspector will have access to save data in FIR, CD, CCD etc but if a constable logs in he can only view the info for a certain criminal. A logged in an employee can view cases assigned to him or her. This module will be provided with the option to scan any documents and attach it to the case records.

User Module: This will allow public to register themselves and login complain which can be viewed by admin and also view the status of logged in complaints. They can upload any scanned docs or attach videos or pics. ( Feasibility for attaching videos can be covered on a live server but not for the local case).

Blogs or Posts module: this module is accessible to any public user who will register and then blog on the site. It will have like, views and comments options and reply to comments too. This will need multithreading concept to handle the posts and a related web service too.

Future enhancements: Updating data, deleting data and saving data, provisions for these activities will be provided as per roles assigned to an official. For This we can come with a role management module which will be provided with a UI interface. It will have options to assign a role to save or delete or view as per different screens that are available in the application. It will be a sophisticated module which is accessible to certain users only like admin, front office and senior officials only.


FRONT END : ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, javascript

C# language

BACK END: MICROSOFT SQL Server 2008 and above


We can add any other Software tools according to our requirements. Like we can do it in Php also.
Php back End language
MySQL database
HTML Javascript CSS

E-Buy Spy .Net Project Code & Report

The Abstract of the Project:

This help in managing the orders and user requests properly for the website administrator, and it also provides an opportunity to the user of the site to act as customer in the process of purchasing the products in order list, the customers can visit and purchase products anytime and any place through online the customers can also compliant and send request/gives regarding services needed for the purchased products.

The objective of the project:

The project is intended to achieve the following objectives

  • The user information files can be stored in a centralized database which can be maintained by the system.
  • This can give the good security of user information because data is not on the client machine.
  • Authentication is provided for this application only registered users can access.
  • This system provides the facility for the customers to pay their electricity bills online.
  • With this system, we can purchase through online.
  • Customers have the facility to send their claims and send feedback to the administrator from his home if he has an internet connection.

Future Enhancement:

  • In this project, we are providing a limited number of sites. In future, we would like to place some more Products on the site.
  • In the future, we also providing Search engine, for to  search the sites
  • Provide the consultancy centers
  • Mainly a special Price will be provided for frequently visited users.

Output Results:

  • Homepage

This is the home page of the system. This leads to various pages where the users can meet their requirements. It consists of a menu bar with different menus.Each of them has a set of similar operations grouped together.By clicking on any of them, User can carry out the operation.

  • About US page

This page can view any user without any registration they can Know about The site details without any registration

  • Contact Us page

This page can show the details of the site holder’s numbers and branches details can provide

  • FAQ page

This page is directly contacted by the administration without any registration. Any user can ask their doubts on this page and answer will get from the admin.

  • Registration page

The above screen is for creating an account for the user. This is the initial step for entry into the website.

  • Login page

This page is used to enter into website after giving user id and password

  • Welcome page

After Entering the site the first page of the Customer

  • Spy Products page

In this the Spy Products are available and the customer can purchase the products as shown on the above page. Customer can Purchase and reserve the Products at a time

  • Billing page

This page shows the bill information of Products which The Customer is ready the Purchase. In this Customer need to Enter the Credit card details.

  • Report page

In this page, the Report of Products which are Purchased by the Customer that information will generate after purchasing the Products

  • Personal Shopping list page

If the Customer already Purchase the products the Product details will Store and Display in this page and the Customer no need to Search again and again for the Products if the Product is already purchased

  • Reserve page

In this Page, the Customer view the Products, Which are not Purchased

  • Feed Back page

In this Page, the customer can give the feedback about the products.

  • Products list page

This Page belongs to the Admin. Admin can update and delete the product details and the all product details are display here

  • Products Uploading page

This Page is used to upload the Products

  • Customer page

This page is used to show the details of the customers

  • Pending page

This page show the details of Pending Product details

  • Feedback page

This page shows the feedback and FAQ of the customers, admin can give the reply for the FAQ from this Page.

  • Dispatch page

This page shows the Customers Purchase Product details.

  • Branches page

This page shows the Branch details

Mobile Shopping System .Net Project Code & Report


Mobile online shopping is a concept which basically will deal with the online sale of mobiles specifically. It will allow customers to browse through mobile brands only and then check the different type of mobile phones available in the market for a specific brand. It will provide an authentic list of mobile brands in the market and make sure reliability and deliverables are 100 percent guaranteed. We came to this thought as when we go to online sale portals, they deal with a lot of products and customers sometimes may feel it be too huge and confused with mobile categories that are available. Hence we came up with mobile online shopping.

It will be an easy to browse or use website which will showcase only mobile products. It will allow comparison of prices for a particular price range mobiles of different brands thereby allowing the customer to select one of them as per the features and reliability. This application will also deal with mobiles spare parts or accessories too for all brands.

Use Case Diagram

User Types:

Admin, Customers, Vendors

Admin will basically manage the product that is being added to the website. Admin will approve customers before they log in and search their mobiles as per their criteria they are looking for. Admin will also manage the profiles related to vendors who will register themselves in the mobile online shopping and show their mobiles for sale.

Customers will register themselves first and then only can search for mobiles in the applications. Once a registered customers logs in, he or she will have access to search for mobiles and add them to cart and buy it.

Vendors basically have to register first and once approved by admin will be able to add their products and details. It will also show all feature information in details. They will provide information related to delivery and also make sure to deliver the product with 100 percent guarantee.



Admin Panel: It will allow managing customer info and save the data related to all info for customers and vendors. It will allow the addition of mobiles, mobile accessories in details. Products will be saved to the database via admin panel. Products can be added to the system by vendors. Each vendor will be allowed to add a product after being registered. Whenever a vendor or customer registers it is saved to the database via admin panel. It provides a secure and reliable way of saving the data to the database. Admin panel as managed by admin will have the option to manage the delivery status of products ordered. Admin will update the status of an order as delivered or in progress from admin panel. Admin will also have the option to attach a delivery executive to be linked to an order.

Dashboard: It will display available mobile brands and a bit of info wherever needed. A user accessing the application or website can click on a product to search for the different category of mobile. It will provide info related to mobile accessories that are available on the website and vendor information to which are actually providing the mobile and its related accessories to be on sale on the website.

Cart: It will basically manage the orders placed by customers, the option will be provided to remove an already added item. Increase the quantity of the products if needed, it will allow the customer to manage address to be delivered, also an option to check the delivery status. Once products are added to a cart, the delivery boy will be assigned to it by admin in admin panel and manage the delivery status.

Vendor: A vendor will initially register and it will be approved by admin. Once registered, the vendor has to add info related to mobile products which will be added for sale on the website. They have to add mobile accessories also which they deal with.


They have to add following info for a mobile:

Phone brand,Phone name,rating,Price,picture,warranty,color,information,Specifications

General: Model Number,Model Name,Color,Browse Type,SIM Type,Hybrid Sim Slot,Touchscreen,OTG Compatible

Display Features: Display Size,Resolution,Resolution Type,GPU,Display Type,Display Colors

Os & Processor Features:Operating System, Processor Type,Processor Core,Primary Clock Speed
Memory & Storage Features:Internal Storage,RAM,Expandable Storage,Supported Memory Card,Type,Memory Card Slot Type,Call Log Memory

Camera Features:Primary Camera Available,Primary Camera,Primary Camera Features,Secondary Camera Available,Secondary Camera,Secondary Camera Features, Flash, HD Recording, Full HD Recording,Video Recording, Video Recording Resolution, Frame Rate

Call Features: Phone Book

Connectivity Features: Network Type, Supported Networks, Internet Connectivity,3G,3G Speed

Pre-installed Browser:Micro USB Port,Micro USB Version,Bluetooth Support,Bluetooth Version,Wi-Fi,Wi-Fi Version,Wi-Fi Hotspot,USB Connectivity,Audio Jack,Map Support,GPS Support

Other Details:Smartphone,Touchscreen Type,SIM Size,Removable Battery,SMS,SIM Access,Sensors,Other Features

Multimedia Features: Audio Formats

Battery & Power Features: Battery Capacity


Warranty: Warranty Summary
Mobile Accessories should also show all detailed info

Cases & covers:Case name,Ratings,Price,Material,Type,Model number,Brand color,Designed for
Power banks:Name,Ratings,Price,Description,Specifications General:Sales Package,Suitable Device,Charging Cable Included,Output Power,Other Features,Width,Height,Depth,Weight

Warranty: Warranty Summary, Warranty Service Type, Covered under Warranty, Not Covered under Warranty, Domestic Warranty, International Warranty

Memory Cards:Memory card name,type,Capacity,Rate speed,Specifications General:Sales Package,Series,ModelNumber,WriteSpeed,WxHxD,Weight,ProductDetails:Durability,Security,Other Features,Operating Voltage,Maximum Operating Temperature,Minimum Operating Temperature,Maximum Storage Temperature,Warranty:Covered in Warranty,Warranty Service Type,Not Covered in Warranty,Warranty Summary

Mobile batteries:battery Name,Ratings,Description,Specifications General:Brand,Model number,Compatible model,Capacity,Warranty:Warranty summary,service type,covered in warranty,Not covered in warranty

Mobile Pouches: Name, Suitable For, Ratings, description, Model number, Designed For, Brand color

Customer: A customer will add all his important details at the time of registration. After being a registered customer they will be allowed to search for the products that are up for sale. they can place orders. Customer will have the option to view their orders and order history. Customer will be able to add products to cart. The customer can manage addresses at the time of confirming orders.

A proposed system with features:

➢ This website will provide an option to search for mobiles of different brands and its models based on categories.
➢ This site will provide clear information about a mobile in all details.

Software Requirements:

● Technology : HTML,CSS, Jquery, PHP
● Back End: SQLServer or Mysql
● Operating System : Windows7 and more
● Frame Work : Larvel or Phalcon

Hardware Requirements:

● Processor: Intel Pentium-V and above
● Hard disk: 80GB Min.
● RAM: 2GB Min. & Above
● Others: If any Applicable