Secure Multimedia Audio & Video Streaming .Net Project



This project is used to efficiently uses the Bandwidth when downloading Audio/Video files by using Streaming Procedure. Streaming is nothing but a process of Transferring data(Audio/Video) from source system to destination in the form of bits/ bytes through an application.

For example, suppose 100 users log in to the web server, there will be less bandwidth when uploading/downloading the files from the web. So by introducing a Streaming concept, we can reduce the time required for uploading/downloading the audio/video files.

Document Conventions

To prepare this SRS we had used the lettering style of Times New Roman and Font size we used for sub had subheadings which are of bold. The matter which is mentioned in this SRS is 14 with a lettering style Times New Roman. Then coming to the part of headings which are of lettering style Times New Roman which is of Font size 16.Then next coming to the part of important point in our SRS is shown through the italic box.

Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

This SRS is for better understanding the concept of Streaming. The rest of the part of the SRS is mentioned with the what our product benefits, how to use the product, how the product was developed, what are the major things we have taken in to the consideration all are mentioned in this rest of  the part of the SRS.

System Features

There are four modules which need to be develop are

Streaming Module:

Defines the procedure of transferring the Audio/video files in the forms of streams. Each audio/video file is converted into bit and bytes while playing the file. Each part of downloaded bit and bytes stream is played along with the corresponding another part is downloaded in parallel.


It defines how the users have to be interacting with the site. Each user has own authentication based on the registration done. All the users information is maintained corresponding to their audio/video files downloads.

Search Module:

It involves using of various search criteria’s to get required audio/ video files. Various search criteria’s to search for the songs like user can search for the required song based on song wise search, artist wise search etc.

Uploading and Downloading Audio/Video:

It provides the procedure of uploading the Audio/Video Files. Uploading of different audio/video files and downloading is audio/video files based on the file type like payment type or free.

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