Web Mining Project in .Net


Web mining is the useful website for students in this we have a large amount of data which is very useful to different category students it has data about many subjects. In this, we have mainly two types of sites like adaptive sites and video library. Adaptive sites contain information like java and .net framework. Video library has information about different things like databases, technologies, multimedia, and scripts. In this it again divided into subtypes like Oracle, SQL server etc. in this we have large amount of information


  • adaptive sites
  • video library.
  • search. 

Adaptive sites:

In this, we have information about different programming languages like Java and .net in this there is a huge amount of information about programming languages it is very useful for basic learning students.

Video library

In this, we have very large amount of information for different technologies like databases, technology, multimedia, scripts in this it is again subdivided into different types like if we take database we have information about Oracle, SQL server. If we take script languages means we have java server pages, active server pages, PHP, python etc


In this module, if you have any doubt you can search it in the search bar in this enter your language you need and press search button you will get information about related search item.

System Specifications:

Hardware Requirements:                      

  • Pentium-IV (Processor).
  • 256 MB Ram
  • 512 KB Cache Memory
  • Hard disk 10 GB
  • Microsoft Compatible 101 or more Key Board 

Software Requirements:                                

  • Operating System:           Windows XP
  • Programming Language:           C#
  • Web-Technology:           Asp.Net 2.0
  • Back-End:           SQL Server 2005
  • Web Server:           IIS

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