Software Project Organizer .Net Project

This Software Project Organizer .Net Project is developed to maintain organization’s total info like a number of branches, total working employees with their performance, worksheets, talent transformation, Company ongoing projects with full details, coding standards to develop an application, etc..

This project organizer in a software company application has the following main modules:

1. Branch Information Module:

This module handles the information of all the unique branches existing under the organization. The information is maintained in branch master table.
It also maintains the employees working under a particular branch, which can be known a report generated on employee master table grouping on branch id.

2. Employee information module:

It manages the following submodules

  1. Employee’s performance module.
  2. Employees took assignment module
  3. Employee’s skill set information module.

This module maintains the total information related to the employees working in the organization. Their designations and the departments in which they are recruited. It also gives the information regarding the employee’s performance within the organization related to their job targets. It manages a clear history of an employee skill sets and defines the role played by the employee in a project and the area of his interaction in the project i.e., at the level of project or module component of elements.
It also maintains department master table.

3. Project information management module:

It maintains the total information related to the unique projects that have been signed for a contract of development. The module reveals the information regarding which project belongs to which client and the associated employee who is in charge of the overall project.
The major concentration is surrounded by the facts table, which clearly specifies how many modules a project manages with respect to no. Of components in each module and the no. Of elements in association with each component.
The module also specifies the duration of each entity with respect to the role played by each employee and the entity level in charge.

4. Package information module:

This module manages the entire information regarding the different types of packages that are purposefully used by the organization in their project development process and specifies the required packages list to complete a signed project. It also relates itself to know the different packages an employee can handle, which can serve as an information to recognize which employee can be resourceful to which type of project.

5. Project documentation Module:

This module maintains the overall information related to all the documents that are produced in course of project development process by different employees with respect to different areas of the project.
The module also serves to build on online help like system for the sake of user convenience and serves as a reference material to the developers as well as users.

6. Employee’s performance management module:

This module maintains the specific time levels taken by the employer in completing his tasks in turn serving the project analysis team to get the history of employees response towards an assigned task. The information from this module can be used as a cross-referential check to know the rating levels of the employee as designated within the company.

7. Report designing module:

This module practically manages the descriptive reports that are necessary within the organization as per the requirements of the information format at different levels of designations or departments.

Software and Hardware Specifications:


Processor : Intel Pentium 4 Processor with 700MHZ or more
Ram : 256 MB or more
Cache : 512 KB
Hard disk : 20 GB hard disk recommended.


Operating system : Windows 2000 SERVER
Front End Software : ASP.NET
Code behind : VB.NET (Visual Basic .NET)
Validations : Jscript
Back End Software : SQL Server 2000

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