Color Hunt Game Simple Java Project


Color hunt is an entertaining mind game which consists of letters with different colors arranged randomly on it.
In this game, we mention a statement of a precise color and letter, which we’re supposed to click in the block box fastly.
We need to click on the exact color which has been mentioned and the statement immediately keeps changing.

We may have one or many of the same colors with either same letter or different letters.

If in case we don’t click on the mentioned block, we lose a point because we have Time Limit mentioned

The theme of the Game:

Basically, the color hunt is an application which is applicable only to Android Smartphones.
In this game, we get a statement which mentions the color and letter to be identified, and we’re supposed to click on them in the below blocks.
We may have letters with different colors or same colors. Depending upon the statement, we must click..

We also have one or more than one blocks of the mentioned statement, we should make sure that we click on all of them within the time limit.
It consists of Different levels. Each with time limit decreased.
The statement stays only for 15 seconds and we must click within the time.
If not, we will loose a Point.

Project Output:

System Requirements:

Language: Java
Technology: Java Technology
IDE: Eclipse / Netbeans
Operating System: Windows 7, XP and any other windows version.

Hardware Requirements:


RAM:  612 MB (Approximately)


Basically, Color Hunt is just like a Brain Activity.
It is one of the Mindgames which works on speeding up your Thought Process.
It is also a Fun game!

Download this Color Hunt Java Project Source Code

File Security System Java Project

Abstract: In this File Security System application we mainly show’s that how to store the file with security using Encryption algorithms. The user will login to the application by giving a valid email id of whom the file security key must be sent. After successful login the user will upload the file the file will encrypt and stored in the given path and security key sent to given mail id.The user will download the decrypted file by giving security key which is received in user mail id.

The application has the only one module


The user will login to the application by giving username and password and the valid mail id. After logging the user will upload the file and the file will be an encrypted security key is send to mail id and if he wants to decrypt the file he needs to enter the security key which is sent to mail id and select the encrypted file.

Existing System:

In previous applications there we need to store the file in the database and encrypt the file. Storing the file in the database is not secure so to overcome the existing system we developed this application.

Proposed System:

In the Proposed system, we will not store the file in the database so there is no issue in unsecure of a file. The person who is having decryption key must also have the encrypted file to decrypt the file.


Fig: login Page

In this page user will login with username and password and the mail id to receive the security key

Fig: Admin home page

After Logging the home page will show the basic functionalities

Fig: File Upload Page

In this page, we will upload the file.

Fig: File Download Page

In this page, the encrypted file will be downloaded by giving security key and encrypted file.

Online Survey System Java Project


The main aim of developing this online survey system is to conduct an online survey on different topics to the users. In this Java Application, the user can take part in various online polls. Admin in this application will add the polls regarding different questions and different topics and he can see the results of each poll in the pie chart.

Existing System:

In Existing System user can poll the votes more than once. Then We cannot get the results of the exact poll that results in manipulation of results.

Proposed System:

In the Proposed system user can vote only once and after that, he tries to vote it says you are already voted.

UML Diagrams:

Online Survey System Use Case Diagram:

Online Survey System Sequence Diagram:

Online Survey System Activity Diagram:

Online Survey System Class Diagram:

Software Requirements:

 NetBeans 8.0.1, JDK 1.8, MySQL 5.5, SQLYog, HTML, JavaScript and CSS

Output Screens:

Fig: Home Page

This is basic View of how the application looks and shows the list of modules used

Fig: Admin Login

In This Page, Admin can log in with the username and password

Fig: Admin Home

After Successful Login, it welcomes with admin home page and shows the basic Functionalities of admin.

Fig: Add Poll

In this page, the admin will add the polls by posting questions and multiple answers.

Fig: Select Question Id

In this admin will see the poll details by giving the question number.

Fig: View Results

After Giving the question number the poll results are showed in Pie Chart Representation.

Fig: User Login

In Thi Page User will login with the username and password.

Fig: User Home

After Successful Login it show the user home page with the basic Functionalities of admin

Fig: View Poll

In this Page user can see the polls Posted By admin and can participated by voting to that question.

Fig: Submit Answer

In this Page User need Select the answer for any particular type question.

Fig: Poll Results via Chart

Capture Students Absence in School Project Synopsis

It is an academic project that will capture absentees of the students in a school and send them homework. It is a simple project. Here are some basic requirements

Here the Developer would capture students absence in school. This will be a list that has Name, grade, and section of the school. there will be a form that a student homework buddy will capture the home of all the classes that was done for the day, submit the homework form to admin, the admin sends out the homework student missed to via email.

The system has captured student’s absence in school through the absentee phone line. This will be a list that has Name, grade, and section of the school. there will be a form that a student homework buddy will capture the home of all the classes that was done for the day, submit the homework.

Since this is a specific issue we have with the school we are dealing with talking to the staff I realized the biggest concern they have is homework buddy capturing all the work in all subject correctly and submitting to the front office.

If there is a way for student or teacher to enter the details and can be verified later for correctness it can benefit all the students, teachers and parents.

Real Estate Management System Java Project Synopsis



Existing System:-

Whenever searching is done for a new house, the main focus is on the location. If you want to buy it in the city it is very difficult thing to search the land in the big city and if we search it manually it takes a lot of time at the same time if we want to sell our land meance it will take a long time to do it manually.

proposal System:-

This Real Estate Management System will provide facility to the user to search Residential and Commercial property and view property. This system will provide facility to view the property by admin and user. The user will able to upload the property information to the site and able to manage it.

This java project will provide facility to the user to fill up their requirement and according to their Requirement Admin can add the Requirement property.

This system will provide facility to the user to publish advertise to the Site and view. This system will provide facility to the user to feedback to the site.

Software Requirements

  • Language: Java
  • Web technologies: JEE (Servlets/JSP)
  • Front-end Design : Html, CSS, JSP
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Scripting: JavaScript
  • Server: Tomcat

Hardware Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Ram : 2GB
  • HardDisk: 500MB
  • Processor: Intel Core i3