Bhavans help desk Web Project Synopsis


The project titled ‘bhavans help desk’ is an HTML/python web application developed on windows operating system. Firebase is used for storing and retrieving the data.

In reputed and widely spread colleges and campuses like ours, the complaints of students will only reach up to the level of class in charges and passing it from in charges to principal might take a long time for the complaint to reach the principal and getting solved. Also, in case if an ID card or marks memo is lost, the student especially freshers might face difficulty in contacting the respective faculty or staff. And also, in reputed colleges like ours, the suggestions for the betterment of services may not directly be received from the student.

This concept is computerized to increase the efficiency of the complaint solving mechanism, accepting the suggestions from the students and also providing help for them in getting their new ID cards and lost memos. This application maintains the privacy of the user info i.e., the name of the user who generates the complaint is made unknown, so the user may feel free to express his views and opinions.  But the user must prove the complaint generated is genuine by gathering the support of his/her classmates in the form of likes.

This application contains modules like

  • Complaint box
  • Suggestion box
  • FAQ’s

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