Employee Expense Management System Synopsis

Employee Expense Management System


In today’s world, fast-growing companies like Google., with employees working for several clients in different location need a better online solution for managing employee expenses.

In addition, these companies also look solutions that are easy to use without compromising on efficiency. This web-based application allows employees located in different areas in the country to log in and file for their expenses with ease.

Here the employees can register for the reimburse expenses and the superior officers should check these. They should grant amount or they can reject by stating an appropriate reason. So takes less time and requires less labour manual work.

The personnel cost management system is a system that helps keep organizational details and dealings within the organization. This system stores a central database. All individual details and details of the worker will be provided through this Project.

An employee cost management structure is an automated system. This may be helpful for managers in any company. Personnel expenditure management system helps to categorize employee responsibilities.

This Expense Management project also allows the managers to concern certificates for any costs incurred by the employee. Staff cost management system – is an organization developed to cut transaction code. This scheme allows employees to organize their expenses.

All controllers in this system are accepted by the manager. This Expense Management system keeps track of costs for any retrieval. This system provides all the details and details of the staff. The main advantage of this project is that it generates Excel reports and PDF documents based on data in the database.

The main reason of this Expense Management system is to provide a quick and easy way to enhance the efficiency of database supervision and keep up employee details. Providing high level of security and reducing production time.

Softwares used to implement this Employee Expense Management System web application are below

  • Technologies: Java, JSP
  • Web server:  Tomcat Apache 6.0
  • Scripts:  Javascript
  • Database: Oracle
  • Database connectivity:  JDBC

Dynamic College Website


Now a day anything has to be advertising in internet only. Suppose the student has to join our college. He will try to see our web then it will attractive one, then only he will impress and join our college.

For that we are added all information about our college with attractive.

In this Dynamic College Website project we are develop a college website with collage contact details, course detail, staff strength, no of student placement in each department with company details, alumni details and Newsletter module for the website administrator to circulate news & events details.

And this Dynamic College Website has to developed in macromedia Dreamweaver with flash support.

Online Event Planning System Java Project

Project Title: Online Event Planning System.

Project Description: Online Event Planning System is a web based project which act as a bridge between users and Event planners. As people spend lots of money and time for booking Events, Parties and Weddings and any other functions.

By this application the time of the user reduces because they can access any information related to event Address/venue/Hall. From the remote place.

So that we are trying to make a web project that includes all the planning’s for the food, venues, invitation cards, Photography and all Event related things can be done on time. This project is developed to make the users comfortable to enjoy each and every function along with their family, friends,relatives and colleagues..

Goals and Objectives:-

  • The main aim of this project is to provide the information regarding Events and  the information about the Booking of users choice.
  • Online Users can submit their queries by giving the Event destination, tentative date, number of guests, contact number etc.
  • Event themes are available in the websites.
  • There is a facility to book caterers, decorators, photographer and all function related categories/ facilities.
  • Mailing facility to reply clients.
  • Different venues are available for the choices.
  • To provide the functionality of online Booking and Cancellation.
  • To provide the information of status of catering, facilities available.
  • To provide the facility to maintain the records of users.
  • Information can be easily accessed.
  • This system will save the time of the Users.

Intended Audiences or Beneficiaries:-

The Online Event Planning System is a Event services provider that offers Event plans and services.
Online Event Planning System deals with the information System for Bookings.

This project explains about the booking of the Event/Function Places from a short event to a complete combination of activities, including meetings, conferences, exhibitions, weddings, birthdays etc.

This website helps any authorized person to book the places from internet and also shows the availability of a particular requirement at the chosen date and time.

Services to be provided:-

By using this Web Application we provided all the information which is required to book a venue/Hall.
So a user can access information easily from anywhere using internet.
And we also provided some service details like.

Service Details: when the user clicks on this module he/she will be informed about the detailed services offered by the website. This website also provides various bookings such as for photographers, transporters, Flower decoration, Audio System, DJ, Lightning and Video Recording etc.


  • First of all we studied of existing system.(which is manual)
  • Then find out what are the problems are in existed system.
  • Now the problems can be solved using this web application
  • And provided a better mediator between user and venue owner.
  • Build a web based system.
  • The project is to develop customize software package for reducing the manual problems.
  • It should deals with the online Wedding Planning as well as cancellation.

Anticipated Phases, Milestones, and Schedule.


  • Title Finalization
  • Synopsis submission
  • Design completion
  • Model/Work completion
  • Two paper presentation on project
  • Project report writing & submission
  • Project exhibition at BMIT

Project Schedule:

  1. Title Finalization : 1 Day
  2. Synopsis submission : 15 Days
  3. Design completion: 15 Days
  4. Model/Work completion: 3 Months
  5. Two paper presentation on project : 15 Days
  6. Project report writing & submission : 15 Days
  7. Project exhibition: 15 Days

Required Systems and Equipment:

Software requirements

Operating System : ANY With a Web Browser
Interface : Java Programming
IDE : My Eclipse/Spring source
Database : MySQL
Documentation Tool : Ms Office.

Hardware requirements

Processor : Standard processor with a speed of 1.6 GHz or more
RAM : 256 MB RAM or more
Hard Disk : 20 GB or more

Online Student Feedback System Project Synopsis

The purpose of Online Student Feedback System is to provide Periodical feedback by students about the course conduction.


“Online Student Feedback System” is generally used by four kinds of users:

1. Admin
2. Student
3. Staff (faculty of each course)
4. Coordinators (M.Tech, M.Sc., MCA)
5. Chairman

  • Each user has their own login id and password.
  • All of these users are to be provided different access rights.
  • Chairman and Admin will be able to view the statistics generated by the system.
  • Faculty will provide access to students for giving feedback
  • Students will fill in the feedback form.

Project Detailed Description:

Semester beginning

Ist month:

  • At the beginning of the semester coordinators enter list of the courses and faculties.
  • Faculty will create list of students in the course.

Month 2 to end of the semester:

  • Each faculty will give permission to students (who have regularly attended the classes) in the course to provide the feedback.
  • Students will login and give the feedback (they will fill the feedback form).
  • Preparation of statistics by the system
  • For each course, for each question, find the percentage of the students who ticked on ‘just right’
  • Overall statistics can be mailed to admin and Chairman month after month.

Initial stage:

1. Creating the login-id:

  • Admin will give the login id and password for the faculty and the coordinators.
  • All other users, Faculties will all register into the system, once.
  • When a student gets admitted they will be provided login and password to register into the system.
  • Login id of the students could be their register numbers (which is available at the time of admission)

2. Different permission for different users:


  • The faculty will create the list of the students who opted the course.
  • At the end of each month, Faculty will give the permission to student who are regular, to give the feedback for that course during that month.

Students :

  • Students can register to the system.
  • At the end of every month, when the student login, they get to know the list of courses for which they can provide feedback. They complete the feedback.

Coordinators :

  • At the beginning of the semester, prepare the course list and the corresponding faculty

Chairman and Admin :

They have the permission to see the overall statistics prepared by the system, using the feedback forms submitted by the students.


Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Windows 8.
  • Primary Memory: 2 GB RAM.
  • Hard Disk: 100 GB.
  • The above specified requirements are the minimum required to run the application

Software Requirements

  • Language used: Visual Basic (VB)
  • Database: M.S.Access
  • Platform : windows 8
  • Tools used: Visual Studio 2010.


The “Online Student Feedback System” will be helpful for the students as well as the Chairman. Students are free to express their opinion on the course conduction and Chairman has the opportunity to know the manner in which the courses are conducted and perhaps advise the faculty in case the feedback is not satisfactory.

Download this Online Student Feedback System .Net Project Synopsis Code and Database Files.

Store Management System .Net Project


Stores Management System is a project developed to automate the processes to reduce the clerical labor of the staff working in stores both technical and as well as accounts departments.

This system uses the latest technologies and cost-effective tools thereby providing the better control to the management by avoiding manual errors.

Stores management system is a web-based manufacturing system that enables a manufacturing industry to schedule its manufacturing operations based on the daily update of sales from its dealers.

Existing System:

In the existing system, all the details of the records are maintained manually. Details of the items are not maintained properly. Takes a lot of time and less security. Records are not maintained in a proper order. Loss of data may happen sometimes.

Proposed System:

The proposed system maintains the information in the database. It is used as an intranet application. This system provides high-security. This system provides easy business solutions to the users.



Admin will get login with a valid username and password. Admin can view the customer requests. Admin can add the details of the supply forms. Admin views all the customer information. Admin can add the material forms.


Customer needs to fill the registration and get a valid username and password. The customer can make a request for ordering the form. The customer can accept the request and reject the request.


Our project store management system has succeeded in managing the details and the list of materials in an easy way without taking much time.