Online Entertainment Portal Java Project


Online Entertainment Portal is a web application which is used to provide services of Movies With options like online Streaming, buy option. It’s a good Platform Which Connects Sellers with customers who are Movie Lovers. Apart from this we have books section for book lovers And a customer Buy from Seller.

UML Diagrams:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

This System includes 2 Modules


He has the full authority over the website. He can View all the registered sellers and users, has the access/power to delete them, he can also edit the website like update them regulary. He is responsible for safety of information which is provided by both the users/customers and sellers who by their product on this site.


There are generally 2 types of customers over here

  1. Users :-

They use the site to stream movies/videos and read books and try to Register for an event. Users have two options either they can buy a Movie if they buy it a Dvd will be delivered to them for which prices are to be paid

  1. Sellers:

They use the site to sell their products like movies, books. They decide the price of their products and regularly need to update about the quantity of product present with them.

Output Results:

Home Page:

Admin Home Page:

View Users Page:

View Sellers Page:

Seller Registration Page:

All Output Screens:

  1. Home page:
  2. Admin login page:
  3. Admin home page:
  4. View users page:
  5. View sellers page:
  6. Seller registration page:
  7. Seller login page:
  8. Seller home page:
  9. Add movies page:
  10. Add books page:
  11. User registration page:
  12. User login page:
  13. User home page:
  14. View movies page:
  15. Movie Details page:
  16. Purchase page:
  17. View books page:
  18. Book Details page:
  19. Purchase page:
  20. Contact us page:

Software Requirements:

  • Operating System :  Windows
  • Database :  MySQL
  • Technology :  Java/j2ee,JDBC,Servlets,JSP
  • Web Technologies :  Html ,CSS, Java Script
  • Web Server :  Tomcat
  • IDE          : Eclipse/ Net beans

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