Hour-Wise Lecturer Tracking Web Project Synopsis

The project titled “hour-wise-lecturer Tracking” is an HTML/Python web application developed on windows operating system.

On bigger colleges and campus like Bhavan’s Vivekananda college. It becomes a difficult task to locate any lecturer as to where and in which room he/she might be in. Also, if there is any change in the regular classrooms of that particular class, there is no way information is given or updated to the students (both from the current class or other students). And also in case if a lecturer wants to know if there are any empty classrooms available for that particular hour, he/she have to send a student to look out for which in turn results in a waste of time.

Rather, we are trying to propose a system through which it would be easy to know the location of a lecturer by other students or faculty and also to find out the availability of empty classrooms. This system also helps the lecturers share hyperlinks of their respective class notes with the students in the form of pdf’s or documents.

This application contains various modules such as

  • Trackers: this module deals with finding the location of the lecturer, as to where and in which room he/she might be in.
  • Notes: this module deals with the hyperlinks of respective class notes generated by the lecturer.
  • Available classrooms: this module deals with the availability of empty classrooms for that particular hour.

UML Diagrams:

Faculty Use Case Diagram:

Student Use Case Diagram:

HoD Use Case Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Output Screen Results details:

  • Home Page:
  • Faculty Registration Page:
  • Faculty login Page:
  • Faculty Home Page:
  • Update Profile page:
  • Availability :
  • Class Room Availability:
  • Upload Time Table:
  • view Feedback:
  • Send a reply:
  • Send notifications:
  • Student Registration:
  • Student Login Page:
  • Student home:
  • View time table:
  • View faculty availability:
  • Feedback page:
  • View Notification Page:
  • Hod login Page:
  • Upload classroom Page:

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