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Insurance companies issue various types of policies to protect home and business owners from various types of unforeseen calamities such as fire, floods, theft etc.  However, prior to issuing or renewing a policy, the insurance company conducts a field survey of the property to ensure that the property is adequately secured and is not vulnerable to damage.  Thus the insurance company ensures that the chances of damage or loss are controlled.  For example, if a petrol pump has to be insured, the petrol pump owner should provide for adequate fire safety equipment, signboards prohibiting smoking near the fueling area etc.

In order to conduct these surveys, the insurance company enlists the services of independent surveyors residing near the property.  These surveyors are trained personnel and are pre-approved for certain types of activities.  The aim of the project is to develop a system used by insurance companies and surveyors to record the surveys to be done, assigning a surveyor to conduct the survey, capture, and approval of survey results, recording and approving of the surveyor’s Time and Expenses (T&E) Report. 

Workflow of the proposed system

Detailed Functionality

 1.    Record the Surveys to be done

Prior to issuing or renewing an insurance policy, the underwriting department raises an RFS (Request for Service) in LCS.  The details to be entered include –

Location to be surveyed

Type of insurance coverage (fire, theft, flood etc.)

Date by which the survey should be completed

Surveyor ID  (to be searched based on the location’s pin code)

Type of service requested (eg. Survey.  In future, the same system can be extended to verify insurance claims)

The estimated budget for the survey (This is the amount of money that the insurance company is willing to spend towards surveyor’s T & E)

The underwriter may also attach a copy of insurance policy application to RFS.

  1. Working with an RFS

Once an RFS is assigned to a surveyor, he/she starts working on the RFS.  The surveyor should be able to query the status of various RFS’s assigned to him/her.  Typical activities that are carried out by Surveyor on RFS include –

Scheduling a visit to the location – Enter the scheduled date and time in the system and update the status.

Survey the location and Write a Survey report – Attach the survey report to RFS on completing the site visit.

Writing recommendations and following-up on recommendations – Writes recommendations on the corrective actions to be taken at the location and updating the action taken on the recommendation.

Entering time and expense details – Record the time and expenses incurred to carry out the survey and the follow-up actions.  These details have to be entered by date and activity.

Close RFS – After all the details are entered, the surveyor closes the RFS.

  1. Approving Time and Expenses

The underwriter reviews the T&E reports and either approves or disapproves the expenses based on the budget.

In case it is disapproved, he/she cites the reasons for disapproval.  The surveyor is informed to update the expenses accordingly.

If it is approved, it is sent to the finance section for payment.

  1. Reporting

This module generates various reports for surveyors and underwriters.

For surveyors –  List of RFS by status,  List of RFS received or completed during a given period, Report on T & E for a given period

For underwriters – List of RFS by status (across surveyors or for a specific surveyor), List of RFS raised or completed during a given period,   T&E claimed and paid during a given period.

UML Diagrams:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:


Software Requirements:

Visual Studio .NET

Front-End: C# in ASP.NET

Back-End: SQL Server

Hardware Requirements: 


Hard disc: 80 GB

Test Cases:

s.no Test case name Test procedure Pre-condition Expected result output Specification
1 Login Enter userid and password Displays pay bills form success Login
2 Login Enter admin and password  

Displays the status

success Login
3 Login Enter user and password Error message success Login
4 Pay bills Enter details Select billername, date, accountno Displays bill paid successfully success Pay bills
5 Add biller Select the biller Select billername Add biller successfully success Add biller
6 Add biller Select the biller Select name Displays as already exists success Add biller
7 View details As admin Displays list of pending transactions success View status
8 View details As admin Update status Displays status success View status
9 View details As user Edit date, amount Displays all transaction of that user success View report

Download the below-attached Loss Control System for Insurance Producers .Net Project Source Code

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