HRM Database Management System Java Project Report

Introduction to HRM Database Management System Java Project:

The Project is to create software for the Manager to record the information related to their Personnel and structure in an organization. This application has all terms and its meanings related with all stages of the system in an organization, their wages and salaries according to the category in the system, and complete employee database that works in different departments in above mentioned areas. This includes the Database administrator to access and update the information of the employees. This updating and accessibility is only by the authorized person. An authorized person can edit, update and

Add the information of the employees. The personnel and the administrator can communicate each other. 

The user can access the data or information and edit and get the information without any problem. The system is user interface oriented. The information is secured from an unauthorized person access and the information needed for any inquiry is easy, fast and efficient. 

The aim of the Project is following.

  1. To develop a systematic structure of the organization according to its position and its updating.
  2. To search for the employees, departments, and other information according to department wise, level, and required information.
  3. To keep contact between the administrator and the employee.
  4. Simple handling of the database with important features. 

The system developed for the Windows 2000/XP/vista by applying the Java Net Beans for the front end, Oracle SQL for the rear end. The design tool used is UML. 

The system needs hardware specification x86 compatible processor, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB hard disk. 

Download  HRM Database Management System Java Project Report .

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