HRMS Leave and Attendance System Project Abstract

Introduction to HRMS Leave and Attendance System Project:

The application of HRMS Leave and Attendance system is to record the attendance and the Leave data of the employees. The check in and check out of the employees at the time of entry and exit had been recorded every day. The work of the system is to sum the present days and the absent days of an employee for the use of payroll department. The special attendance like the leave applications and the other leaves are being summarized specifically.  The  system has  divided the leave application  into the Casual leaves, Privileged leave and the sick leave giving to access the HR to make payroll easily. The option for the employees to check their leaves and attendance online is also available. 

The Existing System 

Currently the employee has to sign in an register which is there in the front office during in time and the out time. The cumbersome work is there for the HR department to make a sheet of attendance and leave for each employee at the last of the month. This is very time consuming and error proned. 

The Proposed System 

We Proposed a new system. This consists of two modules.

  1. Employee
  2. Administration or HR 

Employee Module consists of: 

  1. Log in Log out.
  2. Paid off or Compensatory off.
  3. Leave Applications. 

Above offs and Leaves has to be approved by the head by seeing the Leave balance and Monthly attendance report. 

Administration Module 

The module has operations related to the administrative functions and made for the HR department. The module consists of: 

  1. Leave Eligibility: HR prepares the Leave eligibility for the different types of Leaves at start of the year. The criteria’s are made on the yearly basis along with the previous years balance.
  2. Monthly attendance: The monthly attendance of an employee is made by the HR.
  3. Daily absent report: The Administration can check the daily absent record for the each employee. The every month history record can be generated and evaluated.   

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