Project Report On Video Stenography

Introduction to video stenography:

Video stenography project explains about a concept of implementing secure data transmit ion by encrypting data before sending data on network. Though there are many methods available for encrypting data there few draws backs.

In this paper we provide detailed explanation of video stenography concept in which data is encrypted and integrated in video file and transmit data. At the receiver end user is provided with graphical user interface for de encrypting data.

This project is implemented in four modules RSA algorithm module, stenography module, send file module, GUI module.

In existing system actual processing of data takes place at remote client side and data has to be transmitted through network so there is need for a secure data transmit ion. In present day transactions on network are not secured it is easy to hack data on network.

In order to overcome these problems video stenography method is introduced which is more efficient and provides flexibility for user to transfer the data through network. In this method encryption and decryption is done on client side and data is transmitted in the form of video format.

For more information on this topic students can download project report from below download link.

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