Desktop Video Conferencing Project Report

Introduction to Desktop Video conferencing project:

Desktop video conferencing project explains about a concept of implementing a communiqué technology in video conferencing which works on personal computer with enhanced features like video processing capabilities and a small camera.

This technology is used by many users for reduce cost for video conferencing regardless of their geographical location. This technology will provide same experience as watching and listening to each other and audio calling facility.

In existing system video conferencing setup is a cost effective process which require costly equipment with high quality sound and video systems. By using communiqué technology we can implement a video conferencing system with low cost and high efficiency.

This application can be used in companies for communicating with clients or team members locating at different parts of the world. Similarly we can use this application in colleges for video conferencing to chat with staff members, chairmen, attending lectures of professors of different colleges.

In present situation using latest communication technology like video conferencing can save time. There is no need to meet personally at common place for meeting we can use this video conferencing technology to meet people from any place.

For more information on desktop video conferencing project students can download project report form below download link.

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  1. I am final year MCA student. I need a project desktop video conferencing project to buy. Let me know details and cost. Plz replye soon.

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