Virtual White Board Project Report

Introduction to Virtual White Board Project:

Virtual white board project explains about a concept of developing a virtual class room with teach and student interaction which can be accessed from all over the world. This system works as client server model where client is a student and server acts as teacher.

Teacher will be located at fixed area and students from different countries can interact with teacher and share knowledge. Teacher can clear doughts , take video classes and audio classes and also use chatting feature and file sharing features for providing best education services.

In existing system manual methods like attending classes is old trend in present trend online is playing important role in education. As the improvement of video and audio chatting with high speed internet connection is increased online education had became a upcoming trend in education.

Already there are many online education website which provide paid services for students. This application is implemented in four modules client module, server module, network module and the file transfer module.

Advantages of this project are students from various part of world can interact with teacher and it is a web application, there is no need of any client side software installation, multiple users can interact with teacher at a time.

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