Project Report On Protection Of Low-Voltage Dc Micro-Grids

In this Project Report On Protection Of Low-Voltage Dc Micro-Grids, a low-voltage (LV) DC microgrid protection system design is proposed. The LV DC microgrid is used to interconnect distributed resources and sensitive electronic loads. When designing an LV DC microgrid protection system, knowledge from existing DC power systems can be used. However, in most cases, these systems use grid-connected rectifiers with current-limiting capability during DC faults. In contrast, an LV DC microgrid must be connected to an AC grid through converters with bidirectional power flow and, therefore, a different protection-system design is needed. In this report, the operating principles and technical data of LV DC protection devices, both available and in the research stage, are presented. Furthermore, different fault-detection and grounding methods are discussed. The influence of the selected protection devices and grounding method on an LV DC microgrid is studied through simulations. The results show that it is possible to use available devices to protect such a system. Problems may arise with high-impedance ground faults which can be difficult to detect.

An LV dc microgrid is well suited for naturally demarcated power systems, for example, office buildings with sensitive computer loads or rural power systems, but also electric vehicles and ships. Since ac distribution is widespread and not all sources and loads. Benefit from having a connection to dc,it is reasonable to consider a mixed ac/dc microgrid. A mixed ac/dc microgrid can typically be used in systems up to a few megawatts, and the issue regarding how to interconnect different sources, loads, and energy storage with the ac grid has earlier been treated.

Project Report On Protection Of Low-Voltage Dc Micro-Grids Conclusion:

In this report, control and protection of LV dc microgrids have been presented. An LV dc microgrid can be preferable to an ac microgrid, where most of the sources are interconnected through a power-electronic interface and most loads are sensitive electronic equipment.

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