Project Report on Marketing Strategy for Launching Technical Writing Company

The market entry strategy of any new companies or products encompasses marketing services that are put together when a product is entering into a consumer market. These services can be delivered separately depending on the consumers’ or customers’ needs and stage in the globalization process. By using the proven market entry strategy framework assess whether companies should enter a market or not, why, and how?

Today customers we will look at how could be affected by the threat of new entrants in the market and how can use barriers to entry to deter new competitors. This is one of the forces in Michael Porter’s Five Forces model of industry analysis.

Any indication that a market is growing, under-served or predominantly profitable will generate interest from an industrialist who believes that there is money to be made from the market. Where the existing business is making good profits, an entrepreneur will see this as an opportunity too good to miss. So before ordering Porsche and move house to a ten bedroom mansion, we need to think what these signs of success are saying to the competitors.

Objectives of research

  • To study about the market entry strategies for technical writing and publications
  • To investigate potential target markets in India.
  • To analyze which types of people exactly needed for the new business.
  • To investigate competition among local companies and marketers

Need of the Study:

This Project is meant for Identifying the Potential of technical Publication Market in India and mapping the Marketing Strategy for Running or launching the Technical Publications Company in India. 

Problem Statement:

As we explore this topic in more details, it would be interesting to know what experienced technical writing professionals in the Indian industry think about the Indian market, when equipped with the necessary information about the Indian outsourcing market as was discussed earlier in this study. As it is an outsourced Business form from US, UK and European continent there will always be a fluctuation which needs to be considered while proposing a Marketing Strategy.


The empirical data and analysis have shown an understandable market strategy for a new company to enter into India it may the foreign player starting business in Indian an Indian starting technical writing or publishing company in India . (The project is about a startup to be launched in India. It is not about a foreign company setting up a new company in India.) It is clear that technical writing companies are highly interested to enter the market where there is market demand and presently,  increasing human resource and technical efficiency light has a potential demand in developing countries.

To enter the market, technical writing companies prefer to get the govt. support, better business infrastructure, like if the company is started in IT special economic zone the company will get free infrastructure like power, transportation etc., along with service tax exemptions etc., and they can even get the quality human resporces. better market opportunity and customer demand of their product. Product price, labour cost, potential business partner and market demand are the key strategic objectives what technical writing companies should focus on.

Joint venturelike getting tie up with the established foreign technical writing companies where they can give works continuously as they will have the good client base is the most popular and safest entry mode when company wants to enter into developing market. To monitor the distribution channel and transaction cost should be done before entering into developing country. It is always best to know the market as much as possible and find out how major players conduct their business so that technical writing companies can take the competitive advantages after entering into the market. Finally, market evaluation is very important for technical writing companies to know what mistakes they have done so that in future company cannot make that mistake again.

The result of this research has discussed new theories and important knowledge which can be used by companies to choose the right market entry strategy and to reduce the risk in the future. However, our project is not the end of this study. We would call it as just the beginning of the further studies which should be done to establish the emerging theories and minimize the gap.

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