Steel Company Modernization Mechanical Project Work

The project “Steel Company Modernization Mechanical Project Work” was developed as a result of one month summer training program that was held in a steel company that undergoes modernization because of the age-old practices of the existing plant. Modernization is term that means applying new methods and practices to increase the productivity of the plant.

This project contains comprehensive details about the details of the package and information of the contract and also the material requirements. The construction of the project and procedures of concrete manufacturing of cement. The cost of the project is estimated about 12742.77 crores but the amount exceeded is around 17000 crores.

Project Details:

The project here has developed a crude steel production capacity by increasing it to 2.d MTPA. All the raw materials required for this project are the blast furnace, sinter plant, coke ovens, lime calcinations plant as well as transportation between plants. This project is covered in 4 packages. They are ore handling plant, coal and coke handling plant, base mix preparation plant and RMHS yard machines.

In the coal and coke handling plant, the stacking, reclaiming and transporting the coal to the storage areas for further operations to be performed. There are two pipe conveyors. One of them is used for transportation of coke and the other pipe is for transportation of the raw material. In the base mixing plant, the base mix preparation is done.

Steel Company Modernization Mechanical Project Work Conclusion:

In this project, the complete operation of the turn key is explained which covers the design, engineering, manufacture, supply etc. all these procedures are implemented on the plant and equipment. This project is complete with all facilities like civil, structural, and electrical and also facilities like fire-fighting, water. Besides these facilities, other features could be incorporated in the project.

Download Steel Company Modernization Mechanical Engineering Project Report Work.

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