A Study on Excessive use of Social Media contribute to addictive behaviors or Mental health issues

Scope of the Study:

The study relates to the effect of negative aspects of social media’s contribution to human behavior especially the contribution towards addiction and mental health issues in the youth population. The study scope is confined to smartphone users as well as social networking sites and the users of this social media network.

Statement Problem:

This study was carried out based on the statistics of the agencies and the councils etc., There are even positive attributes of social media that can be used for promotion, knowledge sharing, etc., but the impact is majorly on the negative side of social media. When we compare the advantages and disadvantages of social media it is an equal proportionate of both but the challenge here is how to have control over social media access and how to utilize these social media for our benefit without spoiling our health etc.,

Data Analysis & Interpretation:

SWOT Analysis:


  • Social media can really help in many ways if we use them in a correct way like knowledge sharing for students, blood donation for the needy in health care, recruitment or job opportunities for unemployed youth, promotion the creative works or the content or the product, etc.,
  • Social networking sites of almost all types have come in mobile applications as all smartphone users can access them easily as the tariff of the telecom is also getting cheaper.


  • People often feel anxiety
  • Skipping the food timings and actively getting involved


  • The relationship building as they can search and meet many people
  • Classification of the subject of interests
  • They can keep in touch with relatives, friends, etc.,


  • Losing family and personal relationships
  • Causing Mental ill health
  • They are getting addicted to SNS where the first thing they do after waking up in the morning is check for the messages in SNS which is not at all a good sign and late sleep disorders etc.


Some facts out of our Primary research:

  • Almost 94% use Social networking sites, and the remaining 6% of youth don’t use them due to a lack of knowledge about them and include youth including rural areas.
  • Most of these 94% of people spend at least an hour to four hours on SNS which include Whatsapp.
  • 50% of youth do Online Gambling
  • 90% think that overuse may lead to addiction.
  • 60% feel that addiction affects mental behavior starting with anxiety.
  • The frequency of usage of SNS on average is 3 – 4 Hours/day by an addicted person.

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