Recruitment & Selection Procedures at Staffing Firm

Statement of the problem:

The purpose of the study was to understand the behaviors as well as the techniques used in hiring candidates. Observations and suggestions were made so as to enhance the quality of the effort taken. Attrition and recruitment are directly proportional to each other whereas retention and recruitment are inversely proportionate. In the same manner, the cost of the company and attrition are directly linked with each other. The higher the attrition rate higher would be the recruitment rate in turn increasing the company`s cost. This problem will be analyzed during the course of the project

Objectives of the study:

1. To study and understand the methods and procedures used for recruitment & selection.
2. To understand the objective of the recruitment policy which is to be used to resource the best talent through internal and external sources to achieve the business objectives and goals of the Company.
3. To learn what the process of recruitment and selection should be followed.
4. To develop recommendations to overcome the barriers to the recruitment & selection procedures.
5. To get practical knowledge in employee hiring in the organization.
6. To give suggestions on the basis of the observations made during the course of project work

Explanation of the Method:

The methodology used to collate data will be primary as well as secondary.


Primary data information on a first-hand basis will be taken. Personal contact will be made with the hires as well as with the candidates. The contact can be in all forms of communication viz. email, telephonic conversations as well as direct contact. The resumes will be handled and screened with the help of the project guide. This will give an in-depth knowledge of screening, reviewing, and sorting of resumes. Further with the help of various sources, the resumes will be taken into consideration for recruitment.


Data will be collected from websites, going through the records of the organization. This will be the data that has been collected by the individuals for purpose other than those of my particular research study. Surveys will be done internally and externally to collect both primary as well as secondary data.


Q.1) Organization clearly define the position objectives, requirements, and candidate specifications in the recruitment process?
Q. 2) Organization doing timeliness recruitment and Selection process?
Q.3) HR provides an adequate pool of quality applicants?
Q.4) HR team acts as a consultant to enhance the quality of the applicant pre-screening process
Q.5) Organization use effective process for the interview and other selection instruments, such as testing
Q.6) HR trains hiring employees to make the best hiring decisions
Q.7) HR finds good candidates from non-traditional sources when Necessary
Q.8) HR department’s performance in recruitment and selection
Q.9) HR Department is efficient in the Recruitment & Selection Policy of the employees
Q.10) HR maintains an adequate pool of quality “protected class” applicants 
Q. 11) The needs of the organization’s affirmative action, clarified and supported in the selection process

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