HealthCare Monitoring Systems For Patients Using Zigbee

In Our project “Outdoor wireless healthcare monitoring systems for patients based on Zigbee”, we implemented a wireless biomedical system based on Zigbee. This paper addresses the medical applications of wireless networks in health monitoring systems. The main objective of our project is to intelligent mobile health care monitoring system based on Zigbee concept.

WHMS Architecture:

The main functions of the integrated WHMS Architecture are automatic monitoring of the medical physiological parameters such as body temperature, pulse rate and heart rate and providing a communication interface between the patient and the monitoring persons. The design and of WHMS Architecture and functionalities are explained in the later sections.

GSM Architecture:

In Healthcare Monitoring Systems paper we discuss about the terms and conditions of implementing the communication GSM interface having Authentication Center (AUC), Equipment Identity Register (EIR), The Base Station System (BSS), GSM transmitter, and GSM Modems and Modules.

Download Healthcare Monitoring Systems Project Report

Automatic wireless health care monitoring system:

The hardware requirements and the software requirements of the proposed system are:

  • Micro controller – a low power high performance PIC16F877A micro controller.
  • Sensors – LM35Temperature sensor, MPX10 Pressure Sensor, LM358 Heart beat sensor.
  • Communication interfaces – Zigbee module, GSM modem, MAX 232.
  • Display and power supply – LCD is used to display the status of the micro controller, and the power supply circuit consists of an assembly of step down transformer, rectifier, filter and a voltage regulator.
  • Software used – MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is the software used to implement the programming of the device using HI-Tech PIC C Compiler, the programming for Microchip PIC micro controller is based on the embedded C programming language.

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