Seminar Report on Bank Management System

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Bank Management System:

Now-a-days, bank staff are facing various problems in maintaining the details of account holders and their transactions as the account holders are increasing day by day in a bank. So, this research introduces a new software in such a way that it enables the bank staff to easily handle and maintain the details and transactions of account holders.

Some of the interfaces related with this software includes system interfaces, user interfaces, hardware interfaces, and software interface. The main aim of introducing this software is to create an account, maintain track on account holder transactions, compute interests for fixed deposit account holders and to display details of account holders when required. Some of the constraints related with this software is that it must be 128MB on board memory, it’s essential that no text box should be left blank, must support many users at same time, recovery mechanisms should be activated whenever any errors or service problems occurs.

This software doesn’t require any signal handshake protocol, having interface to other application, and higher order language requirements. Always the user must exit this application normally.  For computing the interests of account holders, here this application make use of function oriented metrics which were first introduced by Albrecht. Albrecht suggested a new measure known as function point where it is derived by making use of empirical relationship depending on direct measures of software complexity assessment and its information domain.

Thus, One can easily make use of this software and can operate it, if the user has a basic knowledge on C++. For operating this software there is no need of having any experience or technical knowledge about the software. Some of the other benefits provided by the software are customer friendly, reduces errors, and saves time. 

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