Personal Learning Assistance Center Java Project


“ PLACE ” Personal Learning Assistance Center Java Project is an education based website, which helps the students to get all the resources and study materials for every course available online. Students can access this website anytime and from anywhere. It is reliable and time efficient approach compared to all links of the website provided by any search engine while searching for course materials.


  • Self-Paced Learning
  • 24/7 accessibility to study materials
  • Interaction between student and professor through discussion forum
  • Accessing the website can be done from anywhere and anytime
  • Day-to-Day updating of the study materials
  • Increases retention
  • Easily manageable by everyone

Existing system:

  • In a manual system, students can get information from books or study materials provided by professors manually or through some online resources such as Free Engineering study Materials and Youth4work.
  • Through this system, students may not get the related and sufficient information according to our syllabus.
  • The above resources do not provide discussion forums between student and professor to clarify their doubts.
  • This system does not provide proper guidance to the students.
  • These are the main disadvantages in the present scenario, to avoid this we are going to introduce a web-based application called “PERSONAL LEARNING ASSISTANCE CENTER”
  • Problems:

  1. Students face difficulty in getting the correct and related information according to our syllabus
  2. A teacher’s lecture is generally one- size- fit- all. This results in the student’s inability to keep pace with teachers
  3. If the professor is not available due to some issue, then the queries are not clarified in time
  4. Missed classes are difficult to gain

Proposed system:

  • The main aim of this project is to provide sufficient and related study materials to our college students according to our syllabus from which students can easily download study materials of their relevant course.
  • Through this website, each and every student can easily access the study materials without any effort.
  • The first step is to register in order to access this website.
  • In this system, we are providing discussion forums between student and professor where students can easily clarify their doubts.

This website mainly consists of four modules:


  • Maintains the details of registered students, mentors, and professors
  • Makes secure registrations of the users
  • Maintain record of queries and solutions
  • Students should first register and then login in order to view or download any study materials provided by their professors
  • If they have any doubts related their subject, there is a module called discussion forum which helps in solving their queries through chatting.
  • Prepares and uploads the study materials for the students
  • Solves the queries raised by the students in case if mentor is unable to solve them
  • Gives guidance to the students regarding their problems
  1. MENTOR:
  • Solves the queries which are raised by the students
  • Asks professors for solution, if they can’t get solution for particular   problem

Software Requirements

Operating System:   Windows 7 or Higher Version

User Interface:   Html / CSS

Client-side Scripting:   JavaScript

Programming Language:   Java

Database:   Oracle 10G

IDE/Work Bench:   My Eclipse 8.6


From the above discussion, we conclude that “PLACE” is an innovative technique used in providing learning experiences to the students online through the use of internet services. “PLACE” is a very useful center where students can build up their academic profile. This is the center where students get complete satisfaction in clarifying their queries with the help of discussion forums.

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