E-Learning Resource Locator Java Project


E-Learning resource locator is a web based Java application which develops a system that allows the users to maintain friendship with other user’s. E-Learning resource locator java project main  purpose is to design a system that enables one to maintain the social network and promote relationships.


E-Learning resource locator is the project allows the user to communicate with each other, by exchanging messages, pictures and many others. E-Learning resource locator maintains a centralized repository of all information. This application allows the users to find their present and old friends.

In this application user should register with the website and give personal details. E-Learning system provides support for online communities, so that users can maintain personal relationships and be updated with social activities. This  system provides a number of interfaces through which one can send mails and be updated with related activities.


The main objective of this E-Learning resource locator is to provide a secure and easy communication using conventional methods such as messages, phone calls and e-mails. As there are many number of sources for communication this application provides a reliable means for people to communicate with each other.


  1. Administrator:

Administrator can generate reports, shares documents and media libraries that can help in active learning of a student. Administrator will provide users valid use rid and password to login by creating their individual profile.

  1. Student:

Student can choose courses, attend lectures, take exam, and view their attendance records. Course details as per their convenience will be provided to students .students can exchange the messages, students can change the password also.

  1. Faculty:

Faculties can place the lectures, upload assignments, announcements, evaluate answer sheets and also can upload lectures and other discussions in various formats as in videos, power point presentations.

  1. Report:

In this module, different actors can generate the different types of reports according to their responsibilities.

Software requirements:

Language                                             :               Java

Web technologies                           :               JEE (Servlets/JSP)

Front-end Design                             :               Html, CSS, JSP

Database                                             :               MYSQL 5.0

Scripting                                               :               JavaScript, Ajax

Browser                                               :               IE 6.0/ Mozilla

Operating System                            :               Windows/Linux

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  1. Hi there, i just want to get the source code for e learning system, a simple e learning system. is there any way i can pay you u can give the source code.

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