Pc Based Substation Monitoring and Control System

PC Based Substation Monitoring And Control System Project explains about a system through which power efficiency can be increased with better decision system. This system is used by most of the electricity board around the country. Along with decision making this system will bring intangibles like safety to the system. Though there are many applications which is used for improving increasing power efficiency, but they are not as accurate as that of this application. This application had created a standard by providing customizability and availability of local technical support.

Using this application it will be easy for substations to monitor different parameters like voltage, current and temperature using various sensors and these readings are sent to micro controller through ADC. By analyzing these parameters regularly system will take decisions like shut down substations. This information will be sent to PC’s Hyper terminal using RS232 cable.

download  Pc Based Substation Monitoring and Control System embedded system  Project .

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