PC Based GPS Microcontroller Project

The approach of modern high-speed methods and the developing PC capacity gave the actual chance for modern rate productive methods and identifying modern concepts of novelties. The technical development along with requirement for great accomplishment methods made it quick and very fast and very imaginative items with the help of advanced and drives functional algorithms.

This PC Based GPS Microcontroller Project study mentions the modern economical answer to global positioning systems. The PC BASED GPS DRIVER is utilized for diverse sophisticated uses. The control system includes computer and the GPS receiver which gather the information from the satellite and the interface kit that transfers the information to computer by the sequence port.

The conversion software is improved with the help of high-level language of graphical programming (visual basic). The entire solution of the global positioning method is portrayed under this project. The GPS receiver gets the information in the form of longitude and latitude from the satellite to get the actual place of the receiver kit on the Earth and the actual-time position is seen on the map.

A Global Positioning System (GPS) is the navigation system of satellite which functions over the constant transmitting radio intensities of high-frequency including the location and time of the satellite with respect to Earth. A GPS receiver gets the data from three or more satellites and it measures the place of the subscriber on the planet. The receiver focuses among 3 and 15 meters and hence the user can be positioned. Based on many calculations, the receiver is able to measure the distance to destination, speed, trip time, sunset, altitude, sunrise etc.


PC Based GPS Microcontroller Project is concluded that the concepts of sequence information transmission mean that information is moved like the information is transformed from bitwise of transmitter to receiver consequently. For this, the sequence port includes parallel bits of 8, 16 or 32 from the information bus and moves that to obtain 8, 16 or 32-bit.

Download PC Based GPS Microcontroller Project.

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