Project Report On Pc Based College Premises Position Locator

The Project Report On Pc Based College Premises Position Locator described here shows the applicability of a position locator in the college premises. The aim of the project is to identify the location of a teacher/student who carries an RFID (Radio frequency controlled identification transmitter). The receiver used here is an again an Rf receiver which can be kept in multiple areas  and spreading all around the premises of the college like library, ground, canteen, building, reception etc. Thus when you have to identify the presence of a particular teacher, just enter his/her password (transmitter code) and check his presence on computer.

The software supports the hardware interface, and also with him at the time / date, etc. are displayed on the display. So we can clear the position of teachers, where they currently are, that under which the recipient area are available, they are given the current position of the teacher. The project uses a relay driver card interface with the PC via the parallel port of the PC to connect, deliver to the display. Therefore offers this interface is the most important indicator of the positions of teachers, where they exist.

 Project Report On Pc Based College Premises Position Locator Conclusion:

The project will be helpful in many fronts and in many administrative areas. The system helps you find and identify the point person at each position in an organization is required. The project helped in understanding deeply the concepts of the RF transmitter and receiver. The project uses relay control board through the PC interface is produced. The PC interface with the system has also helped us gain the knowledge of every device connected to the PC via the PC parallel port. Through the use of PC-based system, it is clearly visible to the user, at which time a person is. Thus, the project is very useful if implemented in educational institutions and in many areas.

Download Project Report On Pc Based College Premises Position Locator.

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