Palm Vein Technology Seminar

There is an increase danger to national security and personal data with today’s vast network technology and hence Fujitsu developed a technology which is called palm vein pattern authentication. It works on vascular patterns as a personal identification data.

Palm Vein Technology Seminar gives security to the authentication data present in the body and therefore difficult to forge. It gives high accuracy. It is used in various fields such as government offices, hospitals, banking, in passport issuing etc. There can be vast development in the business with the help of these solutions. It reduces the size of the palm vein sensor and shortens the time of authentication.

We can apply this vein technology in front of our homes to maintain great range security and it is possible only with this technology and Japanese use this technology. There is a public library in Japan to apply palm-vein biometrics and this library is the first library in the world to use this technology. The University of Tokyo hospital has applied contact less palm vein authentication system to have a secure physical access to its Department of Information, Planning, and Management.

 Vein authentication works on a vascular pattern which is on the back of a hand or a finger. This technology is the most complex which covers the widest area. It is easy to get a photograph of palm vascular pattern because the palm is hairless. It is used in ATM, Personal computers, in hospitals and libraries, authentication etc for having great security.


Palm vein authentication technology was developed by Fujitsu. If this technology is used in our country, many of our problems can be solved like ATM password protection, security in many fields and implementation of this technology in government offices can make the employees punctual. This technology may bring good changes in today’s world in the near future.

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