Palm Vein Technology Btech Final Year Project Seminar

There is a larger threat to personal data and national security which is due to the increase usage of today’s technology. The measures that were taken for safe information from outside intervention were failed to safe up to the mark. Fujitsu developed a technology known as palm vein pattern authentication that makes use of vascular patterns as a personal identification data.

 This Palm Vein Technology Btech Final Year Project Seminar gives security for the authentication data which is residing in the body, therefore very difficult to forge. It is highly accurate. It is used in various fields such as in passport issuing, hospitals, banking, government offices, etc. Business growth is achieved by these measures which reduce the size of the palm vein sensor and also shorten the time of authentication.

For the ubiquitous network which is used nowadays, the users are having a risk of the authenticated information to be hacked by hackers easily and they are accessing the same information anytime and anywhere. Because of this threat, personal identification technology has been utilized such as personal identification numbers, passwords, and identification cards. Therefore Fujitsu has developed four secured methods to solve these problems. They are fingerprints, faces, voice prints and palm veins. These securities are highly accurate. Contact less authentication technology is used in various financial solution products in public places.

Palm vein authentication technology contains small. Palm vein scanner which is easy and natural to operate. It is fast and highly accurate. The person needs to hold the palm a few centimeters over the scanner then within a second, it reads the person’s unique vein pattern. The picture of vein is taken and palm pattern is registered.


Palm vein pattern authentication technology was developed by Fujitsu. It is used in Japan in a wide range. Therefore this vein technology can bring development in the technology and science in the near future.

Download Palm Vein Technology Btech Final Year Project Technical Seminar.

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