Blu-Ray Technology Seminar

Introduction to Blu-Ray Technology Seminar:

BLU-RAY Features:

Blu-Ray has large storing capacity with a minimum of 24GB. The optical disc recording is protected by optical disc cartridge. These discs have a high data transfer speed of 36Mbps. The disc supports MPEG-2 technology for audio and video streams. Also, the Blu-Ray driver is capable of reading DVDs. Blu-Ray discs are available under read-only, writeable and re-writeable types.


DVD’s are capable of storing 5-7 times more than a CD and a Blu-ray is capable of storing 5-7 times more than a DVD. This makes a Blu-Ray disc a very high storage disc. Blu-rays use blue laser with shorter wavelength than red which is used to read DVD’s. Thus a smaller focus beam reads the ‘pits’ on a Blu-Ray disc. Pits are closely packed in a Blu-Ray disc which increases the storage space and speed along with precision.


Blu-Ray has large storage capacity with very high data transfer speeds which is available as read only, writable and re-writable. The disc is protected against dust and fingerprints and an encrypted algorithm protects the content of the disc. The disc has a large life span of 10-15 years. Re-writing operation does not cause any trouble to the disc unlike DVD’s and CD’s. Blu-ray also supports HD recording and transmitting. HDTV recordings are common these days which is possible only because of Blu-Ray technology. Though the cost of Blu-Ray is high at the moment, the wide set of applications would lead to decrease in the price of the discs. Thus, the technology holds a wide scope of development and its use would gradually increase with time.

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