Android Banking Application Development Student Project


The objective of this project is to create a small android project based on the statement given (below) by using the concepts and examples learned during the course of the basic Android Application Development training. The conceived project requires about a dedicated 8 – 10 hours of effort (spread over 1 – 2 weeks) and the users can create the project based on the learnings on the Android Application Development Program. The essential idea of this project is to ensure an overall understanding of the subject of the Android platform by the student, his / her ability to understand the concepts of the Android mobile platform, features and use these in the project building exercise. Completion of this project helps the participant to gain more hands-on experience, better confidence in thinking in terms of mobility and its framework, its limitations, and its importance in the present-day technology context.

Project Statement

Banking Organizations managing Savings, Current and Loan and other variety of operations for its worldwide clients. Invasion of the Internet and the rampant revolution in the usage and spread of smartphones by individuals and professionals in the world have made it think of enabling their clients to do all the banking activities using their smartphones. In this direction, it has approached you (as an expert on Android Development Platform) to create an Android Platform based application that is capable of doing the following operations:

  1. Log in to the account securely
  2. View Statement of Account
  3. View last 10 Transactions
  4. Fund Transfer to another internal bank Account
  5. Receive Fund Transfer from another internal bank Account
  6. Make Utility Payments
  7. Logout Securely

The Student should use the following key features of the Android Platform:

  1. Activities
  2. Intents
  3. Content / SQLite Database
  4. Services

User Interface Components

Each participant is encouraged to use one or more of the following UI features in one or more activities in the mobile application. Make sure that you use appropriate View and View Group combinations from the following to create the final App.

  • Layouts
  • TextView
  • EditText
  • Button
  • Dialogs
  • Lists and Adapters
  • Scroll Views
  • Radio Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • ImageView
  • ImageButtons
  • Progress Bar
  • Date Picker
  • Time Picker
  • Fragments
  • Navigator Drawer
  • Toggle Button
  • Custom List
  • Recyclerview
  • Testing the Application

Resources and Miscellaneous

The participants must make suitable use of the following Resources

  • XML, including themes
  • Res/drawable images
  • Material design, including polish and, publish

Mandatory Features in the Application

  • Intents – Implicit or Explicit as appropriate
  • Services (mandatory)
  • Content / Content Provider / SQLite Database (mandatory)

Other Features

  • The flow between activities must be logical and smooth. Don’t force-fit a component or a feature.
  • Use Images, colors, and themes for Application, Group of activities or a specific activity.
  • Use appropriate components for appropriate features. For example, Phone EditText for a phone number, or E-mail EditText for Email, etc.
  • Use your own Logo (your own PNG logo file instead of the default ic_launcher.png) for the application.
  • The application should use domain related features as well. For example, a transaction initiated after 5:30 PM should be effectuated the next working day at 9:00 AM. Bank holidays should be observed for initiating the transaction. (optional)
  • Threads and AsyncTask features for background application (optional)


As a part of the application, the student will develop a fully functional application that is tested for all errors and/or exceptions. Additional features, components, UIs etc. not mentioned in the project statement above, can be appropriately used.

Please note that Android Studio 2.1.2 should be used and the minimum SDK Version that needs to be compiled is for Android SDK Version 17.

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