Model1 Architecture Based Web Application Development – Struts Tutorial

Model 1 architecture based web application development:- 

  • In model 1 Architecture  Based web application development if servlet programs are used as server side programs the jsp programs will not be placed in that web application and vice versa. In this process in every servlet program/jsp program multiple logics will be placed as shown above.
  • In this model 1 Architecture  The servlet program or jsp program contains multiple logic’s due to this the following disadvantages are there.

1)      There are no clean separations of logics.

2)      Modification dine in one logic may affect other logics.

3)      Maintenance & enhancement of the web application becomes complex process.

4)      Parallel development is not possible so the productivity is very poor.

Note: –   doing more work in less time with good accuracy is called as “good productivity”

  • Few middleware services should be implemented by the programmer manually. This increases burden on the programmer.

Advantages of Model1 Architecture:-

1)      Knowledge on either servlet or jsp is enough to develop web applications.

2)      Multiple programmers are not required since the parallel development is not possible.

Understanding MVC:-

M->Model-> business logic + persistence logic

  • It is like account officer.
  • Use java class or java bean or EIB component or spring app. Or spring with hibernate app To develop these logic.

V-> view layer->contains presentation logic

  • it is like beautician.
  • Use jsp programs or jtml programs or velocity programs or free marker programs to write this logics.

C->controller layer-> contains integration logic technically called as connectivity

  •  It is like supervisor or traffic police.
  •  Use servlet program or servlet filter program to write these logics.

Integrity logic:-

  • The logic that controls & monitors every operation of the web app. Execution is called integration logic.
  • The integration logic of controller layer takes request from browser window
    • Passes the request to appropriate model layer program—collect the results from model layer program—passes the result to view layer program.
    • Each layer is a logical partition in web application
    • In MVC1, MVC2 arch. Multiple layers will be there and logics in these multiple layers will be developed by using multiple technologies.

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