Online Library System Assignment

The paper is about automation of present library management system i.e. implementing online library management system. The paper focuses both user for providing search facility and librarian for managing library system. The reports has information regarding online library system its implementation and also the limitations of the system along with future recommendations.

The main aim of the project is to develop an application which is multi-user and also the application should provide access facility depending on the user. If the user is ordinary then normal search facility should be provided with the help of staff. And for the librarian should have access to manage the library system providing access like adding, deleting and updating items in library.

An access to the application of system requires the person for logging in with authorized credentials, else the user is not allowed for accessing further and the page is directed to login page. In this way security is achieved depending on the roles. The application has one database for storing details regarding the books. The tables used in the database are staff and user table for storing staff and user details, book table to store book information, issue table for storing status of books and much more.

The limitations of the system is updating of the system is difficult i.e. we will not be able to add new user or change the details in database , the password management is not application controlled needs to be changed from database prospective and the application is simple but not advanced and does not provide security up to the mark.

The requirement what we have given in proposal is not fulfilled in the  project as due to some limitations like time limit and some requirements are not in scope of project.

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