Online Learning Website Final Year Project

There are different online websites across the learning process and sophisticated technical implementations are incorporated across them to develop the respective websites. Developing a online learning system from the scratch is really a tedious problem as there are different number of issues to be handled across while designing the website.

In general different features should be provided to the end users with respective to the online learning websites and these requirements are ever increasing as the technology advancements are progressing.

To handle these numbers of issues is really a tough job to be accomplished and maintaining a lot of programming logic is also not easy and only technical experts should be placed across the website to handle all the required features and issues from the end users. If the online learning website is restricted to a school or college, maintaining of that particular is easy, when the idea to develop a global level online learning website, handling the issues from worldwide users is really hard and need more attention on the website and a continuous monitoring is required to handle all the possible issues and kills a lot time and resources to develop a global kind of online learning system.

To solve these many issues a well developed Moodle software can be used, where the end users can just simply download the software and make the necessary customizations to develop the required global level online learning system. In this Final Year Project a standard Moodle based online learning system that can be applied at a high school level is created and the actual procedure followed to create this website is given in the later chapters. 

Aims and objectives: 

Following are the aims and objectives identified in this Final Year Project

Aim: To develop an online learning website that can be used across the high schools based on Moodle software 


  • To investigate and critically review the concept of E-Learning
  • To study the Moodle software and the corresponding features available to develop a customized software
  • To create a standard website based on the Moodle templates and assign few users and features to the website
  • To customize the standard options like chat, courses, videos and RSS Feeds
  • To test the website against the expected behavior and evaluate the results

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