Final Year Project on Education & Online Learning in Schools and Colleges

Education & Online Learning Project background and motivation: 

In these busy days where all our lives have been scheduled with online activities, learning has also become an online activity, which will be available to the Students to access their school updates at any point of time during their 24 hours. In order to get updated of all the activities that have been running around in their campus, students should always be provided by a website which maintains up to date updates related to all the activities that have been happening in their own school.

As students will be stuck up with their learning activities in their school hours every day they may not get time during their school hours to know all the future activity plans that have been scheduled. Apart from this attending some online examinations eLearning should also a play a major role in each and every student’s live in this competitive world. Also, maintain a website for each school is a best practice now a day.

Learning is the most commonly used word across the world in terms of different aspects. In general the history of learning is a age old problem and there are different type of techniques implemented across the world to make this learning process in a simpler way. Apart from the newly introduced techniques across the world with respect to this learning process, there is always a space towards the research process regarding the learning methods. There are different types of learning methods used across to make the learning process more effective.

Initially most of the learning methods are developed by just concentrating on limited resources and most of the resources are fixed at a place and all the users who need to learn any subject need to manually walk down to the learning center and do the necessary actions to gain the required knowledge. Later as the technology advancements has emerged across the learning process, few innovative learning techniques are created to make the users comfortable in learning the subjects and the most important among this is online learning.

Online learning has changes the path of the learning process completely as the internet users can simply login to the websites and do the necessary operations to make the learning process completed. A simple online learning websites holds different registered users and teachers who will teach the courses and these features has made different users across the world can simply login to the website and learn the things with out any external risk of mobility. 

Across most of the online learning courses it is proved that, a good and rich user interface is provided to the end users such that with out any external knowledge on the technologies used across developing these websites and a list of simple and excellent features are also provided to make the learning process a cake walk to the end users.

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