Online Airways Java Project

One of the most common modes of travel is by airways. Customers who wish to travel by air nowadays have a wide variety of airlines are available.

Maintaining details about flights and fares manually so many errors may creep in. The Airlines or Agent’s office staff has to provide the data about the flights to the user manually by taking the requirements of the customer.

Even the transactions in booking and canceling the tickets must be done carefully and even a small mistake causes a great loss, and much time is required to rectify all those, which is again a tedious job.

The main intention of this Online Airways project is :

To serve the public by providing an easy and efficient way to reserve their flight ticket to make their journey comfort.

It is easy to the registered users of the site to reserve and cancel their tickets to minimize the time to effort through internet.

This system used to maintaining, monitoring, updating and deleting the details of flights, fares in economy and executive seats, arrival time, departing time along with reservation details of the users.


  • O/S : Microsoft Windows
  • Interface Tools:-  FRONT END : HTML, JSP
  • LANGUAGES : Java , Servlets , JDBC
  • BACK END: Oracle
  • SERVER : Tomcat

Superimposition of lowlevel DFD’s:

Reservation Usecase Diagram:


This Online Airways project is totally user friendly interface and it is very easy for the new users.

This Online Airways project has been developed using JSP, JSTL as front end and ORACLE as backend in windows environment.

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