Infrared Data Transmission ECE Lab Project Report

Introduction to Infrared Data Transmission ECE Lab Project:

The existing system has two parts or is divided into two sub types called as the transmitter and the receiver. Here the transmitter uses the PWM called as the pulse width modulation which is the partnership with the IR diode to generate the high frequency range. This high frequency module at last is then made slow to transfer the data in the safe condition.

This device is something similar to the transmission protocol called as the standard RS-232. This transmitter uses the 8 bit data and also a single stop bit. Here the signals are transferred near about 40% first so this bits are been sent at the start and then the other is sent later.

This is meant to a laboratory experiment and has very similarity to generate the computer and the internet modem. This internet modem is then used to connect the computer through the internet by making the use of the dial up modem and it is also even connected by the telephone networks also.

The modem has the IR transmission and also the processor and it makes the modules that are of the higher frequency to transfer the data. The modem which is used for receiving the data and the information may be demodulated by the signals too. But in this system the device automatically demodulates the signals while in the execution process. 

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