Network Sniffer VB.Net Project Report,Code and Paper Presentation

Network Sniffer VB.Net Project  is one of the most useful software tool for windows operating system. Sniffer software works as a windows analyzer and maintain system information like network status, drivers updates , running services ,running drivers and handles information of every feature in windows. which will be useful for administrator to easily monitor system status.


This CSE Project is developed using  VB.Net which is one of the best tool available for developing these type of applications. Network sniffer software required manual work to configure required settings. Using this settings admin can analyze system details based on settings he configured.

This application uses inbuilt features on windows operating system like windows management instrumentation which is used to communicate with all lower level systems. Based on the configuration settings performance is depended.

This system has notification feature which will inform admin about the status of the system even if he is away from the system.


  • Provide a Single environment from where an administrator can interact with the system resources with in the network.
  • Provides Info regarding the no of services running on the system.
  • To provide an upgrade support for the system resources.
  • Provides interface to interact with the system parameters like network settings, OS Settings, Services, and Process etc.
  • Provides means of reporting the system setting to a person through email. There by an administrator can know the status of a systems throughout the network


Network Sniffer is an application which runs on a network. Current scope of the project is to check the state of the services and drivers, state of the processes, state of drivers the application doesn’t provide any method to work with these aspects of the management.  
  • The project has been appreciated by all the users in the organization.
  • It is easy to use, since it uses the GUI provided in the user dialog.
  • User friendly screens are provided.
  • The usage of software increases the efficiency, decreases the effort.
  • It has been efficiently employed as a tool for Monitoring System resources and updating the system with latest software.
  • It also provides the user with variable options in settings.
  • It has been thoroughly tested and implemented.

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  2. please help me
    how to run this project ???
    when i entered ip of another pc it will show many error like rpc server is not running …etc…

  3. hey how to run this program ?????

    when i m give the ip address of another pc which is in my lan network the application can not connect to that pc…..

    it connect to my own pc…..

    please help mee…..

  4. can i Monitor All Incoming outgoing internet requests from my laptop

    any software in vb 2010 for internet API monitor like antivirus

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