Network Load Manager Networking Project for Final Year Students

Introduction to Network Load Manager Networking Project:

This abstract has the agenda of explaining the network load balancing system in order to overcome the problem of excess load on one server in the network, it is best to make use of multiple servers in the network, in such a fashion that the various servers will act as just one server. This collection of several servers and making them act as just one server is called a web farm. But it should be kept in mind while using a web farm, that administrating of more than one server and having them in sync all the time, can get tedious at times. 

Thus balancing the load becomes necessary, and this is where the network load manager comes in to play. It has been found that disposing off mid-level machines that are facing problems of loading is cheaper and better than buying a high end machine.

The other aspect that load balancing looks forward to provide is fail over support, especially during times when something goes amiss in any one of the servers. 

The best part is that, since the other servers are not identical with the one that is experiencing the problem, there is no chance of an entire collapse of all the servers. These servers will now work extra and do the work that was intended for the failed server. This is a huge benefit for most companies, since they are assured that failure of one server will not lead to a total disruption of their work.

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