Network Administration Tool Final Year Project Report

Introduction to Network Administration Tool Project:

Administrators have the most important tasks, and this is why to make their jobs easy, network administrative tool has been introduced, which is a software package.

It is with the help of this tool, the administrator will be able to gain a full control of the software and also oversee the software’s entry to network resources.

Other than this, the tool will also handle various files and will also be able to help during the process of execution and maintain software on the computers of clients.

This network administrative toll will further make things easy by minimizing the provision of direct support to all its network users with the aid of its unique features. 

The unique features of the network administrative tool are as follows: 

  • This feature can be used by the administrator very easily, because of the fact that it is made up with a GUI that is considered very user friendly.
  • This tool can support deployment of software on the computer of the client, remotely.
  • The addition of the client machines to the network can now be done easily and simply, with its help
  • The task performed by the tool on the computer of the client is done silently and quietly
  • The installation or un-installation of this software can be done with ease.
  • This software also aims to minimize the support of the direct user.
  • It also has the ability to control, only from a single console the system operations
  • It has the power to maintain and look after other software installed in the computer
  • Also adding other new features to the tool can be done simply 

The main aim is to try and organize the systems, only from one server, that is centrally located, which is in turn connected to a network, so that it can perform its daily activities.

Download  Network Administration Tool Final Year Project Report.

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  1. Hello There!
    I’m interested in this project and I’m thinking to propose it as my final year project. Can you please email it to me I will pay. Thanks

  2. This project looks very interesting how I can download the documentation and source code I need this project as an idea for my FYP.

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