Banking Administration BCA Final Year VB Project

The bank focus on recurring deposits, current, savings and fixed deposits. The need of computerized system increase with the increase number of investment and customers. This will enable the bank to provide further better and accurate service.

The bank provides the following types of accounts :

Current account

Savings account

Recurring account

We are aiming to make the transactions automated and maintain the information’s related to the deposit accounts. We are also planning to introduce the ATM facility for making transactions easy for our clients.

Savings account

In this account the customers savings are maintained and interest is given on the saving amount. The rate of interest is determined by the board of directors of the bank. Some of the implemented tasks included:

Creating new accounts for new customers as well as existing customers

Entering and withdrawal of an amount that is retrieval and transaction related information’s.

Calculation of interest

Generation of daily reports especially reports of account numbers, transaction reports of two intermediate dates and etc.

Current account

Under this system the current account of customers are handled and no interest is given

The implementation of tasks includes:

Editing the details of customers

Generating accounts of two specified dates, daily reports etc.

Creating new accounts

Retrieval and translation details

Recurring account

In this system only deposits that are occurring is handled and the interest rate are decided by the BOD of the bank. Here if the customers do not pay the installments as per agreement then he will have to pay a penalty charge which is again fixed by the board of directors. 

The user who is in charge of this interface will be provided will some of the facilities like

  1. Creating recurring deposit accounts for new customers
  2. Entering details of customers
  3. Calculating the interest amount
  4. Editing the information’s of customers

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