Ms Bar and Ms Flat Small Scale Industry Project Report For Mechanical Branch

Introduction To The Ms Bar and Ms Flat Small Scale Industry:

Small scale industries are crucial to the growth of the country. These industries use hired labor and utilize simple machinery and manpower. These industries aim to address the excess population and unemployment problems. They meet substantial part of the increased demand for consumer goods and provide equitable distribution of income. Services can be better utilizes as well as labor intensive making use of capital saving. This project “Ms Bar and Ms Flat Small Scale Industry Project Report For Mechanical Branch” throws light on that.

There is need to develop entrepreneurship skills and also provide industrial training along with management education. Programmes should be designed for development of backward regions. Steps should be taken for mobilization and fostering entrepreneurial talent. There should be an improvement in the economic administration and financial institutions should be able to give timely credit to enterprises.


There are a lot of steps involved in setting up a small scale industry. First a site is to be selected, proper scheme be designed and then approved. A proper plan should be chalked out to include what kind of work should be done and analysing the demand and supply trends. Along with this, the number of worker, their salaries and estimated production expenditures and profits should be explained.

In this project MS bar and MS flat small scale industry project, manufacturing, export and supply of a wide range of hot rolled steel and structural steel products are obtained. The two products are MS bar and MS flat. These products are manufactured with high precision and undergo stringent quality checks.


Thus in this project, mild steel rods and bars from manufactured which can be bent easily without damage. These structures are designed in such a way that cracks are less and high tensile strength is improved.

Download Ms Bar and Ms Flat Small Scale Industry Project Report For Mechanical Branch.

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