Modern Home (Ac/Dc) Automation Using GSM Module Abstract

Modern Home Automation using GSM Module project explains in detail about how to control home hardware applications like washing machine …etc remotely by using GSM technology messaging feature. This application mainly depends on cellular technology that too GSM technology, this project uses only messaging feature to control home appliances remotely.  Mobile communication is the technology used to connect microcontroller with a max232 which is a TTL converter.

Hardware applications in home network are connected with microcontroller which communicates with GSM using serial port communication. When user sends message from his mobile microcontroller will receive message and display it on LCD screen and based on that input it will on or off the system.

IR and RF communications are limited to a certain area where GSM can be operated from any where in the world to control the appliances. So, this GSM communication is better, secure and user friendly. This total method mainly depends on GSM system so users should maintain GSM signal strength and microcontroller should accurately receive signal and messages then the process will be fast and easy.

Applications for this are Industries with heavy parameters to handle, complicated areas where we can’t monitor the conditions manually; these are Now-a-days used in all kind of industrial and commercial complexes.

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