Fire Sensing and Control Robotics Project


 The main aim of FIRE SENSING AND CONTROL Robotics project is to detect the fire and fire using smoke detection sensor.

The temperature sensor values are given input to the microcontroller. Microcontroller reads the values from temperature sensor, whenever the temperature exceeds the set point microcontroller gives a buzzer as a fire alert. And we can change sensitivity using a variable resistor. Apart from temperature sensor we are also using a smoke sensor. So here we are not only monitoring the temperature and also smoke, for this smoke sensor also we are going to connect a variable resistor, by using this we can change the sensitivity. When ever the values from smoke sensor exceeds the set point microcontroller will give buzzer alert.

The main advantage is using this we can provide safety for objects. The applications are in Industrial areas, hotel environments, factory environments and in costly environments.

This paper contains introduction to fire sensing and control, block diagram and components required for developing this project with description.

download Fire Sensing and Control Robotics Project abstract.

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  1. whats the coding of fire sensing and control robotics…..pls send me as soon as possible….i’hv ony few hours.

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