Home Automation (AC/DC) Using PC Interface Abstract


Home automation (AC/DC) using PC interface project describes to control the appliances of home through PC using at89s52 micro controller.



Here the purpose of micro controller to control the devices corresponding to the input coming from PC. Micro controller is connected to Personal computer and it will continuously check the status of switched circuit whether it is ON/OFF and update it to PC. Then the PC informs the controller the operation to be performed. Here RS 232 is used for communication between PC and controller. Max 232 is a driver for RS-232 communication. Relay is a switch to operate the devices. Advantages are power saving, easy to operate. Applications are industrial automation, hotel environments, Office environments etc.


  • AT89S52
  • MAX232
  • RS232
  • LCD 


  • Functionality of all above components
  • Embedded C programming
  • C programming
download Home automation (AC/DC) using PC interface Abstract .

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